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Near Net Shapes

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials is known for innovative and complete solutions to the most challenging application.

Through our global presence we service very diverse industries, beyond others Oil/Gas, Offshore, Nuclear, Construction, Renewable/Alternative Energies to Food, Pharmaceutical and Medical/Life Science.

Our continued focus is to offer expertise and unique, flexible technological capabilities within our portfolio which lead to tangible benefits for you.

Near Net Shapes Flyer

Your advantages

  • Improved product stability and longer product life
  • Lower costs
  • Reduced machining time
  • Reduced machining damage
  • Reduced material wastage

Through our new production capabilities we are in a position to produce tubes, rings and near net shapes according to your need.

We are able to process a wide variety of materials

  • Ketron®  PEEK 
  • Ertalon® 
  • Nylatron® 
  • Ertacetal®
  • Duratron® PBI
  • Duratron® PAI
  • Techtron® HPV PPS
  • Fluorosint®

Our full portfolio of materials will be considered as we tailor the best and most efficient solution for you.

Please contact us with your specific request. We will respond to you shortly with a first tailored proposal.