Our KAITEKI philosophy

Everything we do as a company, a partner and an industry leader is guided by our vision to achieve the sustainable well-being of people and the planet.

“The sustainable wellbeing of people and the planet.” - KAITEKI

More than ever before, we believe achieving excellence means taking decisive action in the present to lay the groundwork for an equally beneficial future. Realizing KAITEKI means achieving a balance between environment, society, technology, and business needs. It relates directly to sustainable development: we’re meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

This is the commitment that drives us to address social and environmental demands while also creating new and sustainable value for our stakeholders.

THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY Closing the loop on sustainability


We avoid and reduce waste across our sites through optimized manufacturing and continuous innovations made possible by advanced materials and technologies. Our high-performance, lightweight material formulations also help reduce manufacturing footprints and improve fuel economy, energy use and longevity in diverse applications from aviation to robotics.


As part of our commitment to the circular economy, we collect much of our manufacturing and processing scrap for immediate reuse. This enables us to further reduce waste throughout our manufacturing and processing operations.


Wherever possible, we sort our own manufacturing waste and recycle it back into high-value products both internally and externally. We’ve also implemented production processes which allow us to collect our customers’ scrap, waste or unused products and recycle these without downcycling.

OUR RESULTS Making progress possible

Our key priorities are to reduce the overall amount of energy used, while increasing the efficiency of the energy we do need, reducing GHG emissions.

Globally, 26 out of 39 sites already procure their electricity from renewable sources. In addition, five of these sites also offset their remaining emissions.

MORE ABOUT US Our commitment to sustainability drives our vision
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A commitment to our wider community

Our KAITEKI philosophy means we care about our employees and their families, our local communities, our customers, and our partners, which is why we always put safety first.

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An innovative approach to sustainability

Our unique recyclable materials, lightweight composites and advanced thermoplastics help our customers reduce waste, tighten production schedules and reduce their carbon footprints, enabling more sustainable solutions across many industries.

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