Statera at a glance How can Statera circular solutions help you?

Statera is an end-to-end offering of industrial plastic recycling solutions designed to provide you with a seamless path to more sustainable engineering.

The three-pronged program encompasses:

  • Sterra, a growing portfolio of high-performance engineering plastics with recycled content
  • access to in-depth environmental lifecycle assessment (LCA) data
  • extensive takeback programs for production scrap and end-of-life parts
Unlock end-to-end value with industrial plastic recycling solutions
With Statera, you'll get more value and use less resources throughout the entire supply chain — from raw materials, to global manufacturing, to disposal.

Sterra™ portfolio of products

All the performance at a fraction of the footprint

With our Sterra™ portfolio of engineering plastics with recycled content, you have access to a comprehensive selection of circular materials that perform as reliably as their virgin counterparts.

Subject to the same testing and quality assurance as our virigin thermoplastics, Sterra™ materials exhibit identical performance characteristics and ease of implementation as virgin products. Their crade-to-gate carbon footprint, however, is reduced by as much as 90% as shown by LCA data.

Sustainability by the numbers

Lifecycle assessments & data-driven impact estimates

Feel confident in the sustainability of your engineering project. We provide environmental datasheets with verified cradle-to-gate LCA data for our materials as well as tools to help you evaluate the environmental benefits of using recycled vs. virgin engineering materials.  

Available to customers via the MCAM Connect portal, the CORACAL™ carbon footprint dashboard provides you with initial estimates of the emissions associated with our materials. You can use it to compare the footprints of Sterra™ and virgin materials and estimate the potential to reduce climate impact via our takeback program. 

Takeback programs

Responsible disposal made seamless

We help you close the loop by taking back your production scrap, cut-offs, and end-of-life parts and turning them back into high-quality engineering plastic products. We work with you to jointly develop a custom takeback plan specific to your business, supporting waste stream management and logistics along your supply chain.

This way, we simplify your disposal process while also guaranteeing a consistent supply of source materials from which to create our Sterra™ portfolio.

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Sustainability & KAITEKI

Everything we do as a company, as a partner, and as an industry leader is guided by the principes of KAITEKI - "The sustainable wellbeing of people and the planet."

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Recycling services

Takeback programs

Our recycling technologies and takeback programs extend the lifecycle of engineering plastics and carbon fiber, while simplifying disposal of both production scrap and end-of-life parts. 

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Recycling, sorting, grinding, pelletizing, toll manufacturing, compounding - we turn your post-industrial thermoplastic waste into circular, sustainable raw materials.