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No matter the performance requirements of your application, you’ll find what you need from our offering of semi-finished thermoplastic products. Our engineering plastics exhibit many high-performance properties, and our experts help you find a material with the right combination of attributes, including superior mechanical strength, dimensional stability, and chemical resistance. Careful attention is given to how our products perform in different high-temperature settings.

Our range of engineering thermoplastic materials, from standard to extreme, is available in a wide selection of shapes and formats, including rods, sheets, tubes, and profiles. Many of our products can also be produced using Near Net Shapes to optimize your project cost, reduce your waste product, and improve your time-to-market. Direct Formed shapes are also available for some of our materials, giving you the most precise components possible, particularly when machining for tight tolerances and demanding operating environments.

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Explore material possibilities for your engineering project by starting with the operating temperature of your application.

Our key priorities are to reduce the overall amount of energy used, while increasing the efficiency of the energy we do need, reducing GHG emissions.
Engineered Shapes & Solutions

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Engineered Shapes & Solutions

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