Thermoplastic Shapes

No matter the performance requirements of your application, you’ll find the material you need in our offering of semi-finished and custom thermoplastic products.

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Solutions by industry

Your industry presents unique challenges. Explore portfolios of thermoplastics developed specifically for the needs of your application, or use the MatFind plastic material selector to narrow down the precise performance properties you need.

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VMX plastics Visual, metal, and x-ray detectable plastics for the food industry
Electrostatic dissipative plastics Antistatic materials for semiconductor, electronics, and beyond
PFAS alternatives Materials with a PFAS-free composition
Lining materials Plastic liners for bulk materials, parcel handling, and more
Life science grade plastics For short-term body contact and bioprocessing
MediTECH® implantable polymers Long-term implantable PEEK & UHMW-PE shapes

Solutions by material type

Learn about the performance properties of different thermoplastic materials.

PEEK plastics Polyether-ether-ketone products
POM plastics Copolymer and homopolymer acetals
PPS plastics Polyphenylene sulfide materials
PA6 and PA66 plastics Polyamide nylon materials
UHMW-PE profiles Plastic profiles from extruded polyethylene


Need something beyond traditional materials? Push industry boundaries with our stronger, lighter, and longer-lasting composites.

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Recycling solutions

We work with you to develop custom recycling solutions, helping to set the stage for a circular economy of engineering materials and the future of sustainable engineering.

Statera Circularity with engineering plastics
Reprocessed granular Recycled raw materials
Takeback programs Sell us your cut-offs, scrap, and end-of-life parts

Niche & specialty products

From finished products to semi-finished implantable polymer products, explore our regional and specialty offerings.

South African portfolio Regional offering of solutions for heat, corrosion, and wear
Mexican portfolio Nylamid® PA6 products and their global equivalents
Symalit Cable protection systems
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