MediTECH® implantable polymers for orthopedics

Part of Mitsubishi Chemical Group's Advanced Materials Division, MediTECH® is the market's largest portfolio of pre-assessed, implantable PEEK and UHMW-PE stock shapes.

With complete traceability from resin to semi-finished shape, Chirulen®, Extrulen®, and Zeniva® materials are excellent candidates for the manufacture of long-term implants in the fields of orthopedics and dentistry, such as large joint orthopedics, spinal cages, suture anchors, and cranio-maxillofacial implants.

  • Fast-track R&D - We partner with you to provide support with research, testing, and validation, helping to shorten your product development cycle and get your orthopedic product to market more quickly.
  • Superior quality - From sourcing only the best raw materials to robust inspection procedures, you can count on our validated processes. 
  • Global responsiveness - A vertically integrated company with a multi-national footprint, doing business with us gives you access to world-wide coordination and surety of supply.

Mobility hinges on better materials MediTECH® implant materials for orthopedics
Explore the market’s largest portfolio of pre-assessed implantable UHMW-PE and PEEK products with complete traceability from resin to semi-finished product.

Chirulen® and Extrulen® UHMW-PE

MediTECH is a leading supplier of Chirulen® and Extrulen® UHMW-PE products for the manufacture of long-term orthopedic implants, primarily as a dynamic joint liner within hip, knee, and shoulder replacements. These materials exhibit the superior physical and mechanical properties of premium medical grade thermoplastics and are manufactured with superior cleanliness and consistency. 

Both ram-extruded Extrulen® and compression molded Chirulen® can be enhanced with antioxidants and crosslinking.


Zeniva® PEEK

Zeniva® PEEK is a high-performance biocompatible thermoplastic used in highly loaded static implants. The primary applications for this implantable PEEK material are in medical devices such as spinal fusion cages, suture anchors, craniomaxillofacial reconstruction, and total knee replacements, as well as dental implants such as abutments, crowns, bridges, and frameworks.

Unlike implants made of metal alloys, Zeniva® PEEK implants exhibit a modulus similar to cortical bone – improving the comfort of the patient and extending the lifetime of the implant with greater stability and reduced wear.

Processing and enhancements Capabilities for implantable polymer shapes

Compression molding and ram extrusion

As a polyethylene with a very specialized molecular weight, UHMW-PE is produced as a powder that requires special processing. In the shapes industry, the high pressures generated for Chirulen® UHMW-PE compression molding and for Extrulen® UHMW-PE ram extrusion processes fuse the particles together that is then formed into stock shapes or profiles. 

Near-net shapes via direct compression molding

MediTECH’s newest manufacturing process capability is Direct Compression Molding (DCM), a technology that enables the production of shapes with dimensions close to that of the finished product. 

Compared with machining of stock shapes, DCM offers customers in the healthcare industry a production method that optimizes the part yield and reduces the full production process operations.

Antioxidant enhanced UHMW-PE products

Antioxidants in UHMW-PE products have the potential to extend the wear life of implants through the reduction of oxidation in both standard and crosslinked products. Both Chirulen® and Extrulen® can be enhanced with antioxidants to reduce oxidation potential or to neutralize free radicals generated in irradiation crosslinking. 

MediTECH can provide industry standard Vitamin E based products, and custom-blend specific antioxidants or differing antioxidant concentrations to meet new industry needs.

Crosslinked UHMW-PE implant materials

Crosslinking of UHMW-PE products has demonstrated to increase the wear resistance of orthopedic implants. For example, the balance of wear and mechanical strength is affected by the level of crosslinking and is specified by the energy dose provided. 

MediTECH can supply products across the full span of irradiation levels to meet customer specific preferences. The crosslinking methods are also customizable with Gamma, E-Beam, and X-Ray potentials to meet customer requirements and application needs.

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