230°C to 425°C Extreme and imidized plastic shapes

Semi-finished PI, PAI, and PBI products for extreme heat and demanding operating environments

Our extreme / imidized materials are used in industries ranging from semiconductors to energy generation, providing superior thermal resistance and reliability across a broad temperature range up to 425°C. Other properties include low friction, high mechanical strength, extreme wear resistance, and greater impact resistance than most other advanced thermoplastics.

This portfolio includes the highest-performing engineering thermoplastic available today: Duratron® PBI. This suite of products gives you exceptional properties in temperature resistance and performance.

If your application involves extreme temperatures, vacuum chambers, high voltage, and more, these offerings can help solve your toughest challenges in aerospace, transportation, semiconductor, and other demanding industries. Plus, we provide both standard stock shapes and direct forming capabilities to meet your precise requirements.

OUR PORTFOLIO Extreme / Imidized Plastics

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Explore material possibilities for your engineering project by starting with the operating temperature of your application
Below 65°C

Standard Plastics

Versatile grades of polyethylene and polypropylene materials for applications up to 65°C. These engineering polymers give you a range of high-performance properties, including greater impact strength, corrosion resistance, and superior malleability.

65°C to 120°C

Engineering Plastics

Our portfolio of acetal, nylon, PET, PC, UHMW-PE materials, and more. These thermoplastics give you consistent mechanical performance over a broad temperature range, as well as good machinability and electrical and chemical resistance.

120°C to 230°C

Advanced Engineering Plastics

High-performance PEI, PEEK, PSU, PTFE, and PPS products. Achieve predictable mechanical performance over a broad, elevated temperature change. Many of our Advanced Engineering Plastics also provide improved dimensional stability and creep resistance, electrical characteristics, and superior chemical resistance.

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