Experts in Renewable Energy

Developing innovative and reliable new solutions

Our embedded testing systems, unparalleled materials expertise and product development capabilities make us the perfect partner to collaborate on proprietary renewable innovations.

Our broad materials portfolio offers a range of sustainable thermoplastic and composite materials with outstanding performance on industry-specific properties and a variety of conversion methods such as compression and injection molding, extrusion and custom-casting. In addition, rigorous testing regimes also ensure materials are pre-qualified and reliable, increasing real-world part performance and safety, reducing time to market.

  • Expert technical assistance
  • Bespoke product development capabilities
  • Documented and validated two-phased testing
  • Three-levels of material specification assistance
  • A commitment to sustainable materials and ethical ways of working

Our focus How we’re powering sustainable solutions

Generation (Wind, Solar)

From part design support and material selection to final production, our Functional Application Testing (FAT) allows for embedded, real-world testing of materials and components in wind energy. Our knowledge and expertise covers all four material performance dimensions – wear, friction, temperature and static retained compression.
Batteries for renewable energy storage

Storage (Batteries)

Our materials expertise and rigorous testing systems covers chemical exposure testing for Lithium ion (LiB) battery production.

Meeting new challenges In Renewable Energy

Emerging technologies often require new ways of thinking and innovative ways of working. We partner with OEMs and engineers to help bring their most ambitious ideas to life.

A broad portfolio of engineering materials, composites and pre-qualified parts alongside years of experience in the renewable energy industry means we can also offer our customers specific guidance on:

  • Part manufacturing 
  • Testing requirements
  • Material selection 
  • Design support
  • Processing expertise
  • Recycling solutions 
  • Compliance & Quality
Engineering materials for Renewable Energy

Our industry certified products cover a range of applications

Explore our broad portfolio of engineering thermoplastic materials, carbon fiber technologies and composites to find the solution you need or contact our expert team to discuss your requirements.

Making your success possible Explore how we’re solving the world’s most complex engineering challenges

Reducing recalls through more reliable materials

Accelerated market delivery achieved through expertise and testing

We helped our customers develop proprietary wind turbine solutions that helped shorten their testing regimes, reducing costly time to market delays and eliminating unnecessary replacements of faulty parts. In addition, our use of high-performance engineering plastics created significant cost savings both at initial purchase and during use.

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Wind turbines used in renewable energy generation

Simplifying manufacturing and reducing costs in wind energy

Developing a plastic oil ring that is durable and easy to manufacture

Our experts partnered with our customer to develop an alternative to bronze oil distribution rings in gear boxes for use in wind turbines. The larger part size needs to withstand stress, be easy to manipulate, and reasonable to manufacture. Our alternative meets these requirements, while reducing machining time and cost.  

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Wind energy turbines

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