Custom-made prepregs and composite textiles

Mitsubishi Chemical Group is your leading global partner in the composites sector, with cutting edge production technologies for the manufacture of prepregs and textile composites on three continents.

With decades of experience in prepregs and cutting edge facilities in Japan, North America, and Europe, MCG has both the technology and know-how needed to produce highly customized prepregs for your most specialized projects. From aerospace to automotive, from renewable energy to medical technology, your application benefits from the incredible combination of high strength and low weight offered by high-quality prepregs made custom to your specifications.

What we're capable of Prepreg and textile products
Our custom prepreg solutions find application in diverse industries including aerospace, automotive, boat building, medical technology, industry and heavy machinery, and renewable energy.
carbon- or glass-fiber

Multidirectional prepregs

Find a customized prepreg solution for your application by choosing between virtually limitless combinations of textiles and resin systems. From high-quality visibility applications, to structural components, to flame-retardant parts, prepregs are produced to meet your exact performance needs. 

carbon- or glass-fiber

Unidirectional prepregs

From high-module fibers to large tow fibers, unidirectional prepreg systems exhibit a unique combination of excellent mechanical properties and a high degree of freedom. Your custom requests can be realized with a choice of supportinging textiles or during the prepreg process.

Prepreg molds

Tooling prepregs

Highly aligned with your processes, mold-making prepregs can be applied to create specific product forms. Optimal performance is ensured with the addition of pre- and post-curing. 

Dry textiles

Dry unidirectional fabrics

Commonly applied in building construction models or in wet lamination processes, dry unidirectional fabrics are affixed by a single- or double-sided grid. The textiles handle very well and can be created with a diverse array of fibers according to your specification.

Bio-based prepregs


This bio-based intermediate prepreg material presents a more sustainable alternative to the phenolic systems commonly used to build structural panels in commercial aircrafts. Where phenolic resin systems are derived from fossil fuels, BIOpreg PFA uses bio-based Furan – a formaldehyde-free furfural resin derived from fibers that are a by-product of sugar cane processing.

drapeable carbon fiber textile


With unique material properties, a high degree of manufacturing flexibility, and the possibility of bespoke formulations, KyronTEX® allows more engineers than ever to bring lighterweight, stronger, and more sustainable products to market. This cost-effective and consistently high-quality textile composite material can be used across a broad range of applications and industries. 

global production footprint Prepreg production on three continents
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