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Making precise performance possible

We work in partnership across the entire electronics design and production journey, implementing pioneering technology from prototype to final product. We specify high-performance materials that provide chemical purity, endurance and stability required to solve precision engineering challenges.

Our experience and expertise cover a variety of areas across the semiconductor, electronics and high-tech industries, enabling us to advise customers on the best solution for the right application. Our ongoing commitment to sustainability ensures we help minimize environmental impact, reduce risk, drive cost savings and maximize customer production yields.

Our focus How we’re pioneering new technologies
Microchip and semiconductor manufacturing using ESD plastics


As microchips continue to shrink, semiconductor manufacturing and testing now require unprecedented dimensional stability, CLTE values and chemical purity. Our ever-evolving portfolio of products continues to offer unparalleled quality and performance in the market.
Stock market LED board


Our experience in the flat panel display (FPD) market has resulted in the cleanest and most stable materials available for FPD manufacturing. Plus, our market leading precision and ESD management portfolio is ideal for testing and transport of FPDs of any size.
Handheld touchscreen device for consumers


Mobile device manufacturing requires high precision and uncompromising yields, and our mobile materials portfolio has been specifically designed with these needs in mind. The high purity and reliability of our materials ensures optimal throughput and focused risk reduction during the manufacturing and testing process for technologies including smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets.
Surface mount technology for manufacturing printed circuit boards

Printed Circuit Boards

Our range of ESD materials enables surface mount technology (SMT) applications to achieve throughput requirements without disrupting yield due to static concerns and dimensional instability.

Electrostatic dissipative plastics

With electrostatic dissipative plastics from Mitsubishi Chemical Group, you can mitigate the risk of static discharge without compromising on other performance qualities needed in high-end engineering applications.

Engineering materials for Semiconductor & Electronics

Our industry certified products cover a range of applications

Explore our broad portfolio of engineering plastics, carbon fiber composites and thermoplastic materials to find the solution you need or contact our expert team to discuss your requirements.

Meeting new challenges

From design support and material selection, all the way through to quality management and compliance, we make pioneering innovations possible by partnering with our customers every step of the way.

Our expert teams can advise on the best materials and processes for the latest fabrication and manufacturing technologies, assist with testing and validation, and support rapid prototyping and final production runs across a range of semiconductor manufacturing and testing equipment.

In addition, our high-spec high-tech materials offer:

  • High Purity and Low Outgassing
  • Chemical and Plasma Resistance
  • High Heat and High Power Tolerance
  • Precise ESD Properties
  • Dimensional Stability and High Stiffness
  • Machinability and Low Stress
  • Strength and Wear
  • Optimal CLTE and Tensile Elongation
  • Low Moisture Absorption
MAKING YOUR SUCCESS POSSIBLE Explore how we’re solving the world’s most complex engineering challenges

Future-proofing wafer production with an advanced new polyamide-imide

Developing new materials suitable for high-tech, high-spec applications

Working in partnership with the OEM, we refined a material already in development, to meet their specifications while actively beta testing its performance in real world applications. Our enhanced polyamide-imide provides longer-lasting protection against oxygen cleaning erosion than typical polyimides (PI).

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Production of semiconductor wafers

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