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From our cutting-edge recycling systems and engineered solutions, to our rapid prototyping technology and bespoke products, we work in partnership with our customers and suppliers to find the right solutions to today’s engineering challenges.


Innovative Services

Our collaborative approach gets ideas to market faster

Rapid prototyping

Our SPRINT (Soluble Printed Injection Tooling) technology and Robotic Automation Machining (RAM) means we can rapidly develop, test and improve prototypes.

Technology expertise

From polymer development and injection molding technologies, to CNC machining and the development of near net shapes from high-performance materials, we have the expertise to meet any project challenge.

Advanced compounds

Our high-performance carbon fiber technologies and composites are breaking the mold and reaching new standards in materials engineering.

Design support

By providing design consultations, reverse engineering services and final product testing and structural analysis, we get ideas from pitch to product.

Collaborative partnerships

With applications across many industries, and the widest range of thermoplastic and composite products on the market, we work together with engineers, OEMs and channel partners to help select the best materials.

What our partners are saying

“The reason we keep coming back to KyronMAX® is that we never fail to achieve a good result. It's easy to forget that these materials are reinforced – they flow like un-filled materials”
Headshot of Lasse G Staal, CEO of AddiFab
Lasse G Staal
AddiFab CEO
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Industry-leading solutions Our expertise makes breakthrough solutions possible
Bulk materials being deposited into a transport freight equipped with heavy-duty liner
Lining solutions Safer handling

Our engineered plastic lining solutions are designed to make the handling of bulk goods safer, faster, easier and more efficient. From storage and transport containers, to dump trucks and parcel handling in logistic centers, our lining materials offer improved flow properties that allow for cleaner, smoother and safer operations under even the toughest conditions.

Employee examining flakes of recycled plastic regrind
Recycling solutions Certified sustainability

As one of the world‘s most experienced processors for PEEK, fluoroplastics and polyamides, we are committed to realizing our sustainability goals by recycling as many of our products as possible. Alongside our range of recycled materials, our recycling solutions help conserve natural resources and demonstrably reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

3D flight simulator
Engineered solutions High-performance materials

Our industry experts around the world are focused on delivering vertical integration for high-performance polymer materials, precision-machined plastic components and assemblies. By bringing multiple technologies together, we help engineers find the right solutions.

Employees walking through an automotive manufacturing facility
Injection molded solutions Critical functionality

Our thermoplastic injection molded parts support the functionality of highly complex critical systems, with applications across multiple industries. By closely collaborating with manufacturers and suppliers, we help produce high-volume functional parts for leading industries such as automotive, health care and electronics.

Getting ingenious ideas to market, faster

Our latest collaborations are re-imagining what it means to be an engineering partner while bringing truly ambitious ideas to life.


Reducing costs and emissions through material expertise

Our experts produced a self-lubricating plastic solution that not only delivered to our customer’s needs, but also resulted in a lighter plane with a lower risk of failure and reduced maintenance requirements. This in turn led to better fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions, which helped create a more sustainable aircraft.

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Wing of a commercial passenger aircraft
Wing of a commercial passenger aircraft

Bridging the knowledge gap through expertise and testing

By working closely with the OEM we developed solutions based on the interaction of all mating parts within the turbine, not just the initial yaw slide bearing. Together, we identified the thermoplastic materials required to develop more reliable parts, reducing time to market and service intervals and increasing cost savings.

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Wind turbines used in renewable energy generation
Wind turbines used in renewable energy generation

Improving food safety through part detectability

We helped our customers re-design their dairy processing food safe scraper blades. Our team not only identified highly detectable, food safe materials that mitigated costly contamination risks, but also helped improve the equipment design processes, increasing customer satisfaction and efficiency.

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Conveyor belt made from food safe thermoplastic in an industrial baking facility

Delivering savings and reliability through carbon fiber expertise

Our predictive mapping technologies and rigorous testing processes informed the final re-design of commercial vehicle brackets with carbon fiber composites in place of steel. Our KyronMAX® materials’ unique mechanical properties and new mold filling design created a more sustainable, reliable, lightweight alternative.

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Off-road vehicle in tough environment
Off-road vehicle in tough environment.
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