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A global partnership

We partner with a range of engineers, OEMs and suppliers to help deliver product and application solutions to leading industries around the world. From aerospace to renewable energies, food & beverage and beyond, we’re helping customers get their products to market faster, safer and more sustainably.

Industry spotlight

What we’re doing to help lead the way

Aerospace & Defense

As a strategic partner to the Aerospace industry, we’re dedicated to identifying and understanding needs and trends to help drive innovation. Our portfolio of high-performance thermoplastics and carbon fiber reinforced technologies as well as our vertically integrated supply chain and global reach can help future-proof businesses. We offer sustainable, scalable and cost-effective solutions that can also help Aerospace customers meet their ever-changing safety and efficiency goals.

Renewable energy

With a deep understanding of the challenges facing the renewable energy industry and extensive manufacturing capabilities, we specialize in the development of specific solutions across key segments such as wind, batteries and solar. This expertise, coupled with our own commitment to sustainable practices, helps customers reduce risk, ensure performance and meet their sustainability goals.

Food & Beverage

Our detectable, food-compliant materials and wear-resistant parts minimize the risks of foreign object contamination, improving food processing safety and throughput. We help engineers, OEMs and channel partners transform their food & beverage business challenges into faster, more cost-efficient and sustainable processes.


Our range of advanced, high-performance materials and strong application expertise offer customers the precise solutions they need to eliminate variability, reduce risk and lower costs across a wide range of electronic and high-tech applications.

Our industry expertise

Find out what we’re making possible in these industries

Aerospace & Defense

Find out how we’re helping to bring safety and security to new heights.

Food & Beverage

Discover how we’re improving food processing safety and throughput.

Renewable energy

Learn how we’re making more sustainable energy options possible.


Explore how we’re making more precise performance possible in the most challenging high-tech environments.


Find out how we’re helping the automotive industry move faster.

Building & Construction

Discover how we’re helping construct a better environment for everyone.

Advanced fluids management

Explore how we’re helping the chemical industry produce, store and handle their products.

Construction & Heavy equipment

Learn how we’re delivering turn-key solutions across multiple heavy industry applications.

Medical & Life science

See how we’re helping advance the boundaries of medical science.


Discover how we’re making smoother journeys possible.