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Whether you’re replacing an existing material or pioneering a new application, we help you make optimal material selections that meet your needs for performance, compliance, supply chain, and sustainability.

Our material expertise, your engineering

Our industry experts work alongside you from idea to prototype to product, providing design support and helping you make informed, validated material selections that meet your needs for unique applications and fit-for-use production technologies.

Our collaborative and problem-solving approach helps our customers both navigate and understand the possibilities in our extensive portfolio of advanced engineering plastics and composites.

The choice of materials can influence everything from manufacturing costs, to component performance and ongoing maintenance. We offer complete end-to-end consultation, providing expert guidance on which materials can overcome the challenges of your application, perform reliably throughout its life, and achieve your engineering goals.  

MATERIAL SELECTION Expert support for validated material choices

From custom material formulations to assistance navigating regulatory requirements, we help you choose the right materials.

An engineer examining the design of a part
Material replacement

When existing components fall short, our experts can advise on the potential for engineering thermoplastics and composite materials to improve part performance, longevity, and costs. We go beyond just helping you choose a material that will outperform current parts, providing end-to-end consultation, cost and efficiency optimization, superior manufacturing capabilities, and the broadest portfolio of engineering plastics on the market. 

Inspection of plastic resins for compliance
Compliance evaluation

Regardless of the industry and corresponding regulations, our engineering plastics are used in applications subject to rigorous compliance. We routinely work with regulatory bodies and raw material suppliers to ensure we have the most up-to-date compliance and safety data for each of our products, enabling us to present customers with the broadest range of candidate materials.

Engineering plastic stock shapes including a tube, a rod, and plates
Stock shapes

Encompassing rods, plates, tubes, profiles, liners, and more, our portfolio of thermoplastic stock shapes provides designers with flexible material dimensions and configuration. We also fabricate near net shapes in a variety of processes, allowing you to comprehensively evaluate our full portfolio, reduce material and manufacturing costs, and minimize waste by starting with the most economical shape.

The plastic compounding process
Custom compounding

Our superior range of fibers, fillers, and pigments allows the flexibility to improve specific characteristics across applications. Our custom products include unfilled or reinforced amorphous or semi-crystalline thermoplastics, glass and carbon fibers, and recycled compounds, all of which can be fabricated to meet unique needs for mechanical, physical, chemical, and aesthetic properties.

A sheet of woven carbon fiber textile material

With unparalleled expertise and a cutting-edge portfolio of composite materials, our experts and products enable lightweight and sustainable solutions across a range of industries and applications. We help replace traditional materials with cost-effective, future-ready composites that enable scalable and market-driving innovations.

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Engineering colleagues evaluating drafts of a part design
Material evaluation & sampling

From mechanical, physical, and chemical properties to cost-effective shapes and machinability, we detail our materials and products through in-depth technical and characterization data, allowing you to thoroughly evaluate material selections and alternatives and identify the correct material for your application.

Manufacturing colleagues reviewing data in an industrial environment
Supply chain support

We leverage our global teams to assist customers in choosing materials that will help them adhere to demanding volume requirements and tight production timelines. Our fully vertically integrated network allows us to offer both industrial scale production as well as surety of supply, so that supply chain issues do not inhibit our customers’ engineering projects.

A field worker surveying a wind turbine
Sustainability & circularity considerations

Our KAITEKI philosophy drives our actions, including reducing carbon emissions and speeding up recycling and circular solutions within the lifecycle of our products. Beyond our own initiatives, we assist our customers in finding materials that can help them achieve their sustainability goals, offering carbon footprint evaluation and Life Cycle Assessment services.  


Discovering possibilities, together

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Processing techniques and shapes can impact not just the physical properties of materials, but the mechanical, chemical, and temperature properties as well. Our material development capabilities are always evolving to ensure we select the optimal material that will perform in every way you need it to.


The faces behind our solutions

Global Technology Manager, USA Jared Tinker

MediTECH® offers a comprehensive line of medical grade UHMWPE as well as PEEK materials, design support, and production tech to embed safety in the manufacture of medical devices and implantables. With over 25 years of personal UHMWPE experience, I am ready to assist you in your application development and material selection.

Jared Tinker headshot.jpg
Technical Service Engineer, EMEA Cihan Kundakci

I am a material expert in General and Advanced Engineering Plastic Materials and KyronMAX®, and a possibility provider in business applications. With a background in mechanical engineering and extensive knowledge of the nuclear industry, mechanical and non-destructive testing, and multiple languages, I am happy to help your ambitious ideas become a reality.

Cihan Kundakci headshot.jpg
Technical Services Manager, EMEA Richard Tjonk

We can help whether you’re looking for a suitable material for your intended application or need assistance finding a replacement to increase service life. Our team of experts can guide you through the process of reviewing and examining our individual products based on key performance differentiations and help you select the right materials for your application.

Richard Tjonk headshot.jpg
Director of Technical Sales, USA Mike Oliveto

For over 35 years I’ve enjoyed helping customers solve their engineering challenges by matching our materials to meet the performance needs of applications ranging from the food industry to construction and heavy equipment. The Technical Marketing group created the materials triangle approach to material selection and developed the training modules that form the basis of those we still use today.

Mike Oliveto headshot.png

Our latest collaborations are re-imagining what it means to be an engineering partner while bringing truly ambitious ideas to life.


Reducing costs and emissions with low-friction wing flap components

Our experts produced a self-lubricating polymer PAI solution that not only replaced the need for complex and labor-intensive parts, but also resulted in a lighter plane with reduced maintenance requirements and a lower risk of failure. This in turn led to better fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions, helping to create a more sustainable aircraft.

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Wing of a commercial passenger aircraft
Wing of a commercial passenger aircraft

Replacing metal roller bearings in wind turbines through expertise and testing

By working closely with the OEM, we identified better-performing thermoplastic materials to develop more reliable parts for use in Yaw Slide Bearings, increasing cost savings and reducing time to market and service intervals. Our solutions were based not just on the initial yaw slide bearing, but the interaction of all mating parts within the turbine.

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Wind turbines used in renewable energy generation

Improving food safety through part detectability

We helped our customers re-design their dairy processing food safe scraper blades for use in processing tanks. Our team not only identified highly 3-way detectable (Visual Metal X-ray) food safe materials that mitigated costly contamination risks, but also helped improve the overall equipment design processes.

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Conveyor belt made from food safe thermoplastic in an industrial baking facility

Molding carbon fiber composite brackets to replace steel

We partnered to help reduce the weight of steel brackets used in commercial vehicles, using mold flow analysis technology and our rigorous testing processes to inform the re-design of commercial vehicle brackets with carbon fiber composites in place of steel. Our KyronMAX® injection moldable composites enabled a more sustainable, reliable, and lightweight bracket – resulting in a 79% overall weight savings. 

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Off-road vehicle in tough environment
Off-road vehicle in tough environment.

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