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Thermoplastic solutions by industry Materials developed for your application
Your industry presents unique challenges. Explore portfolios of thermoplastics developed specifically for the needs of your application.
Detectable plastics for the food industry

VMX plastics

VMX Food Grade plastics exhibit excellent performance profiles for food applications. Formulated for optimal detectability in 3 ways (visual, metal, x-ray), they provide added risk reduction for food processing and packaging applications.  

Electrostatic dissipation

ESD plastics

Electrostatic dissipative (ESD) materials are designed to prevent the build up of static electricity, thereby protecting sensitive electronics and reducing risk in highly controlled industrial settings.

Plastic lining materials

Thermoplastic liners

In bulk materials handling, linings help reduce friction between the material being transported and the beds, chutes, and storage facilities that it comes into contact with. See how our plastic linings have added value for customers in diverse industries.

Short-term body contact & body processing

Life Science Grade polymer shapes

The Life Science Grades (LSG) are a suite of thermoplastic shapes. Intended for use in short-term body-contact applications in the medical field as well as bioprocessing applications, LSG materials are pre-assessed for biocompatibility both at the resin and stock shape levels.

APS_6134 (1).jpg
Short-term body contact & body processing

MediTECH® implantable polymers

MediTECH® is the market's largest portfolio of pre-assessed, implantable PEEK and UHMW-PE stock shapes. With complete traceability from resin to semi-finished shape, Chirulen®, Extrulen®, and Zeniva® materials are excellent candidates for the manufacture of long-term implants in the fields of orthopedics and dentistry.

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