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We are dedicated to continuous improvement in the areas of customer focus, product quality, processes, and management.

As an ISO accredited, REACH compliant organization, we’re committed to providing all our customers, employees, and investors assured quality services.

Quality assurance starts with selecting certified suppliers of raw materials who deliver high-quality products. It also extends through all our processes and technologies until the final quality assurance tests are performed on products. Between comprehensive services and employees with first-class training, customers like you are given the support they need to ensure the success of their projects.


How we deliver quality for you
3D design of thermoplastic parts

Reliable processes

We understand that different industries and different applications require a different approach to quality. We ensure you have access to the best technologies for your needs by optimizing our processes, investing in the latest technologies, and always following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Black plastic formed into a mesh structure

Valuable products

Beyond selecting only the highest quality raw materials, we also ensure REACH compliance and traceability. We aim to achieve the lowest test failure rates by constantly developing and innovating our portfolio. By investing in pre-certification, we save you time and money, only delivering products that are fully tested and certified as per latest industry standards.


Modern services

We’re able to test, prototype, and adapt materials in highly accurate simulated environments or in-situ. This makes it possible to quickly and precisely provide you with exclusive solutions. From project consulting to material selection, from processing to logistics, from compliance management to after-sales support, our world-class services are built around you.

Science professionals collaborating in a laboratory

Global teams

Our commitment to total quality is the foundation for the ongoing development of our people worldwide. We build on decades of know-how with the latest market knowledge, material breakthroughs, and technological advancements, continually finding better ways to deliver new learnings and training to all employees.

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Secondary raw plastic materials undergoing pigmentation

More sustainable solutions

By reusing, reducing and recycling as much as we can, wherever we can, we're helping make the environment and the planet as a whole better for everyone.
Workers wearing protective gear and collaborating on an engineering project

Our safety pledge

Safety is at the heart of everything we do. If something doesn’t meet our exacting safety standards, we put a stop to it. No matter the cost or operational implications.
Testing a robotic prosthetic arm

Our approach to innovation

Our advanced materials, services and solutions quickly get complex ideas from prototype to production.
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