Our KAITEKI philosophy

We believe not only in what we’re building, but also how we build it

Everything we do as a company, a partner and an industry leader is guided by our vision to achieve the sustainable well-being of people and the planet. This is our corporate philosophy, KAITEKI.

Mitsubishi Chemical Group (MCG) has chosen three core management strategies for realizing KAITEKI:

  • Management of Technology (MOT)
  • Management of Economics (MOE)
  • Management of Sustainability (MOS)

As part of the global MCG organization, we also strive to realize KAITEKI with the help of innovative technologies and science. We seek to provide our customers, partners, and society with solutions that add value, thereby making a meaningful contribution to health and sustainable life on this planet. 

Science. Value. Life.

OUR VISION & VALUES A trusted partner and industry leader
A laboratory worker

Our approach to innovation

Our advanced materials, services and solutions quickly get complex ideas from prototype to production.

Our commitment to sustainability

We use comprehensive data and a scientific approach to measure and improve our environmental impact. 

Industrial worker wearing safety gear such as a helmet, ear and eye protection

Our safety pledge

Safety is at the heart of everything we do, no matter the cost or operational implications.


A focus on quality

Our total quality promise underpins our strong customer partnerships and drives our behaviors, processes, and product improvements.


“Based on our core values of environmental and social sustainability, and human well-being, our KAITEKI management philosophy helps us achieve our environmental objectives and create innovative solutions for our customers. ”
Henning Bloech, Global Director of Sustainable Solutions at Mitsubishi
Henning Bloech
Global Director, Sustainable Solutions
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Engineers discuss part design on the factory floor

Partnering with us

From collaborative design to rapid prototyping and more sustainable full-scale production, we can provide expert support and access to a comprehensive portfolio of the very latest advanced materials.


Global reach

As a truly global organization we operate across over 45 locations in 20 countries worldwide.

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