Advanced engineering plastics for healthcare

From bioprocessing solutions, to short term body-contact materials, to long term implantable plastics — when you partner with Mitsubishi Chemical Group, you have access to the market's most comprehensive portfolio of thermoplastic shapes for a full range of healthcare applications. 

Made from high-quality resins with an emphasis on traceability and pre-assessment testing, our products provide OEMs in diverse healthcare sectors with both the material properties and testing support they need. We pre-assess both initial resins and semi-finished shapes for biocompatibility requirements, giving you a head start in material selection that can reduce costs and accelerate the process.

We certify what we sell Raising the bar in Healthcare
From resin to conversion to machining, your project benefits from pre-assessment testing at multiple stages, combined with full traceability and expert input every step of the way.

Thermoplastic solutions

The resins for our materials are sourced exclusively from trusted manufacturers. All resins are pre-assessed for biocompatibility in alignment with the intended use of the final product.

We adhere to a robust Management of Change (MoC) protocol with our suppliers and have also implemented MoC processes for our own conversion routes. This way, we are able to safeguard medical requirements at every stage, ensuring consistency across batches and stability in our supply chain. 


Assessment for resin & stock shapes

Although it is common market practice to pre-assess only resins for biocompatibility, this fails to consider how the conversion process (e.g. extrusion, compression molding, injection molding) may impact biological safety. 

For our materials, we conduct an additional level of pre-assessment at the stock shape level, certifying that biological safety remains valid throughout the conversion process. The result is that we can certify what we sell, giving you pre-assessment testing data for the semi-finished stock shape that is one step closer to your final component. 

Global network of conversion technologies

Our unique range of processing capabilities for medical grade plastics includes:

  • Production of semi-finished stock shapes via extrusion or compression molding
  • Production of near net shapes that save materials, machining time, and costs, thereby reducing environmental impact
  • Production of injection molded parts
  • Machining, cleaning, assembly, and testing of final components
  • Cleanroom facilities


THERMOPLASTIC SHAPES FOR HEALTHCARE APPLICATIONS Explore portfolios of thermoplastic shape solutions
Shimpei Nonoyama shows artificial joints from MediTECH materials
BIOMATERIAL SOURCING UNDER EU MDR Are you ready for the new EU Medical Device Regulation?

The new EU MDR involves major changes that will impact the way that medical device manufacturers approach the material selection process.

In this webinar, held in November 2023, three experts walk you through the background of the new MDR, its implications for the polymeric material sourcing process, and measures that device manufacturers can take to prepare.


Quality and support at all levels of the value chain

Expert support through design, development, and production – all at a global scale.

The human body is complex, and so is navigating the approval and regulatory process for bringing new medical devices to market.

We help you evaluate material data (including our biocompatibility pre-assessments) to provide you with a robust and tailored selection of candidate materials for your specific healthcare application and regulatory requirements.

The production and machining of MediTECH implantable and Life Science Grade shapes is undertaken within ISO 13485 certified quality management systems.

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