Lining Materials

Throughout the industries, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials lining materials are used along the entire value chain, for transport, conversion processes of all thinkable nature, and for the recycling of valuable materials and energy. Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials offers lining solutions to make your processes faster, easier, safer and more efficient and helps you to be the leading company in the market.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials lining solutions are designed to perform with powdery, liquid, gaseous or bulky goods and media. Regardless whether in chemical, power, transport, mining, semi-conductor or other industries, they fulfill manifold functions in the handling of sticky bulk materials or corrosive media of various natures. Based on modified ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) or melt-extruded fluoropolymers, the lining materials can easily cope with temperatures of up to 260 °C / 500 °F, abrasive conditions, vacuum or high positive pressures. The application possibilities reach from the mechanical fixation on concrete or metal surfaces up to bonded linings in FRP and steel structures as well as FRP-reinforced liner pipes for the transport of chemicals and fumes of highest corrosivity. Key for a successful lining application is an appropriate choice of the best suited lining material and the optimal way of application. Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials for this offers the full technical support service around the lining products and their application, even reaching to design works and complete turn-key solutions for the TIVAR® line of products.

Symalit® fluoroplastics feature ultra high-purity, non-stick surface finish and excellent temperature and chemical resistance. Symalit fluoroplastics - listed in the left hand navigation bar - are available as semi finished products in the form of

  • Rods
  • Sheets
  • Blocks
  • Hollow bars
  • Lining laminates
  • Pipe
  • Fabric backed pipes
  • HV-liner pipes
  • Welding rods
  • Cap strips
  • Films

Symalit fluoroplastics are used in high-tech applications that demand absolute safety. With their anti-adhesive surfaces, fluoroplastics possess excellent resistance to chemicals and heat. In the chemical industry they are synonymous with the very highest corrosion protection, while in the semiconductor or pharmaceutical industry they stand for the transport of high purity media with absolute freedom from contamination.

The unique chemical, electrical, thermal and surface characteristics make Symalit fluoroplastics ideally suited for lining of containers and tanks, fittings, pump components for semiconductor process equipment, chemical storage and fluid handling, pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology, pulp and paper industry as well as heavy duty corrosion protection for power plants and heat exchangers.

Symalit fluoroplastics offers the greatest ease of processing whether it is machining, welding or thermoforming.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials is the leader in supplying lining materials for flow promotion of bulk materials. Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materialss SYSTEM TIVAR® ENGINEERING product range enables us to develop the right solution for your application.

Case Studies

Blended Coal

Drop-in TIVAR® 88-2 liners solve coal bunker flow problems at coke plant.


Lignite Coal

TIVAR® 88-2 liners improve bottom dump railcar operating efficiency.


Crushed Stone

TIVAR® railcar end wall liners enhance aggregate flow and reduce costs.



Major cement plant solves limestone flow problem with TIVAR® 88.


Sub-Bituminous Coal

TIVAR® 88-2 liners eliminate flyash build-up in wet precipitator system.