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Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials is committed to a sustainable future fostering social and economical improvements in the community we do business in.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials elects to run its business operations as cleanly and efficiently as possible. Totally committed to continuous improvement programmes and initiatives for the well being of neighbours and local communities.

Waste reduction initiatives are key to Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials’s environment policy. All waste generated in manufacturing processes or by suppliers is actively reused, processed or disposed of through known sources. Customer generated waste is also programmed to help Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materialss supply chain regarding their environmental programmes. This is fundamental when considering our customers use of our product life cycles.

Energy consumption is measured with the goal of reduction or seeking alternative usage where possible. Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials contributes to sustainable developments in the use of energy, water and raw materials. We use these resources more efficiently and effectively. Environmental improvement performance is sought and gained in our processes and products. This is derived through research and development coupled with new technologies, resulting in the prevention and reduction of emissions, waste and the control of noise.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials implements effective environmental management systems to ensure that its workforce is encouraged to act in an environmentally responsible manner.  We are firmly committed to improving the quality of life wherever possible.