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Structural Components

The composites GMT and GMTex developed by Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Composites make it possible to replace structural and semi-structural vehicle parts made of metal with lighter, fabric-reinforced composite components.

These innovative materials are already firmly established in large-series production. Among others, bumper brackets, battery cases and even body parts like the front end are made from GMT or GMTex.

The composite-only solution without additional steel reinforcement in series production is possible because the reinforced thermoplastic composite materials display extremely good material properties in terms of rigidity, strength, dimensional stability and crash performance.

The use of GMT and GMTex always yields weight savings, fewer production steps in series production and greater design freedom.

Applications in Europe

Bentley Continental

Material: GMT

Part Information: Dimension: 550 x 480 x 150 mm (1.5 kg)
                               Dimension: 800 x 470 x 220 mm (2.3 kg)
                               Weight: 7.5 kg per set of 2 seats
                               Thickness: 3 mm


  • very high stiffness
  • light weight
  • Absorption of crash loads
  • fixation for textile liner
  • anti-submarie function
  • safety belt guides

Technology: One-step-moulding


  • very good toughness behaviour
  • very good tensile bending properties
  • ductile failure; robust handling

Mercedes S-Class Coupé

Material: GMTex

Part Information: Weight 3.4 kg (all three parts)
                               Dimension: 1560 x 460 x 250 mm
                               Thickness 3-25 mm


  • Fixation of hood (6000N test force)
  • Fixation of radiator and lamp housings
  • Controlled engergy absorption
  • Good dampening behaviour


  • Flow moulding
  • Holes partly stamped in during molding/
    others machined after molding
  • Inserts and steel bushes pressed in after molding


  • Part integration, 10 sheets metal parts -> 3 GMTex parts
  • high stiffness and dimensional stability
  • good fatigue behaviour up to 130° C
  • Weight reduction
  • Corrosion resistance

Mercedes C-Class

Material: GMT

Part Information: Weight: 1.3 kg
                               Dimensions: 1250 x 415 mm
                               Thickness: 2.2 mm


  • Engine protectioin
  • Lower stiffener for pedestrian protection


  • Improvement of NVH
  • Improvement aerodynamics

Applications in Japan

Toyota Harrier Hybrid

Material: GMT

Part Information: Dimensions: 1150 x 610 x 120 mm
                               Thickness: 2.0 mm
                               Weight: 1520 g


  • Improvement of aerodynamic property
  • Weight reduction
  • Less fixation points due to high stiffness
  • Protection for fuel tank
  • Design freedom

Mitsubishi Colt

Material: GMT

Part Information: Dimensions: 1030 x 250 x 740 mm
                               Thickness: 2 mm
                               Weight: 770 g


  • Improvement of aerodynamic property
  • Weight reduction
  • Less fixation points due to high stiffness
  • Protection for engine
  • Design freedom
  • Noise shielding property

Nissan Inifiti FX45

Material: GMT/ GMTex

Part Information: Dimensions: 1450 x 1050 x 380 mm
                               Thickness: 3.0 mm
                               Weight: 6.265 kg


  • Parts integration
  • Design freedom
  • Excellent impact property
  • Weight reduction
  • High stiffness
  • Function integration


Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Material: Tray / Cover - GMT

Part Information: Tray
                               Dimension: 1380 x 700 mm
                               Thickness: 3-17 mm
                               Dimension: 1400 x 720 mm
                               Thickness: 3 mm


  • Storage of 22 Li-ion Batteris (165 kg in total)
  • Protection of batteries against crash (side impact, rollover, etc.)


  • One-step-moulding
  • Nut and metal inserts during molding (Tray)
  • Holes machined after molding (Cover)


  • Light weight (-20% compare with AL casting)
  • Corrosion resistance against battery fluid
  • ductile failure
  • robust handling

Suzuki Wagon R

Material: GMT

Product information: Dimensions: 270 x 140 x 250 mm
                                      Thickness: 2.5 mm
                                      Weight: 350g


  • One-shot mold
  • Integration with Heat Shield


  • Energy absorption
  • Weight reduction
  • Design freedom
  • Vibration dampening property
  • Chemical resistance
  • Heat resistance (Integration with heat shield)

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