Production Parts

With our engineered solutions, we provide our high tech and diversified customer base with complete solutions to their engineering and finished component needs. We do this by combining their experience, engineering, material science, and technology to produce high quality plastic and metal parts that meet exact specifications.
In addition, our extensive in-house stock shapes allows for quicker procurement, cheaper material costs, highest quality and consistent material properties, etc.

With our vertical integration keeps nearly all aspects of our value stream in house allowing for better lead times and tighter control of critical operations –yielding excellent quality control and the tightest tolerances in the industry.

Some of the value stream areas are:

  • Materials specification (engineering)
  • Component/Assembly design validation (engineering)
  • Resin compounding
  • Injection Molding/extrusion/casting
  • Annealing –heat treating
  • Precision machining and fabrication
  • Assembly