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Composite Sandwich panels prove ideal for building formwork systems

Plastics panels made by Quadrant Plastic Composites for Hünnebeck work better, last longer than wooden ones


High-performance GMTex™ from Quadrant Plastic Composites protects Mercedes M-Class OFF-Road package

Under-body shields for M-Class SUVs are a result of transatlantic cooperation


Mercedes Front End in fabric-reinforced GMTex™ form Quadrant Plastic Composites is an all-round first

New application for the composite marks entry of Tier One into GMT processing


High-Performance ECTFE (Halar ®) Sheet Now Available from Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products

(Reading, PA- July 12, 2005) - High-performance ECTFE (ethylene-chlorotrifluoro-ethylene) sheet is now available from Quadrant Engineering Plastic...


Quadrant Award 2005

International award for scientific papers in the field of engineering and high-performance plastics and composites


Quadrant Appoints New Northeast Sales Representative

(Reading, PA - January 11, 2005) - Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products has appointed Peter Schilgen to take over sales responsibility for its...


Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products Increases Prices for Plastic Stock Shapes

(Reading, PA - January 6, 2005) - Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products will increase the price of its plastic stock shapes 3 to 9 %, effective...