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Technical Articles

The challenge of metal replacement - Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Engineering Plastics in "Engineering Materials"

There are three main drivers for changing materials in the current engineering and industrial climate. The first, and most obvious, is cost. The second is to lightweight. And the third is to increase performance.

Justing Cunningham - Editor Engineering Materials - discussing the subject of metal replacement, in particular engineering plastics as a replacement material.


TURNING UP THE HEAT - Extending the limits of engineering plastics for development-oriented markets

Demand for higher-level product performance combined with the drive for greater efficiency and a more environmentally-friendly approach, is creating new challenges for product developers in their material choice.
Add to this the growing multitude of legislative guidelines, and weight savings, emission reductions and more efficient resource use have become essential elements in the decision-making process. Plastics have consequently captured selected areas previously reserved for metals or other high performance traditional materials with benefits such as lower weight, insulation properties and moldability, well established within the community of design engineers.

However, to further extend the potential for plastics in demanding applications, ... (click here to read on)

How to be successful designing with machinable plastics

February/March 2011

As a design engineer, machinist or simple user; have you ever experienced a failure when using plastic components?

Machinable engineering plastics offer unique solutions

April/May 2010

Machinable engineering plastics have been used in aerospace applications for over 40 years.

Achieving the best machined finish for critical PPSU parts

August/September 2009

Many designers and machinists have questions about fabricating critical tolerance parts for cutting edge industries like medical and life science equipment manufacturers.