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Industrial Equipment

What do mobile telephone production, car production lines and steel wire bending have in common? Simply, the materials that are consumed in these processes, in some cases due to abrasion, aggressive chemical media, speed, or temperature.
On every production line of any kind of equipment, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials solves problems or proposes new materials, with the aim of keeping production lines running smoother, faster, longer and better.
That is our job: To understand the specific requirements of your production line and propose a material that allows it to run faster, longer, and mayeven  improve your process.

Your Advantages

  • Technical support: It is not your job to be a material specialist - we are here to understand the individual needs and propose the right solution.
  • Reliable quality: Our materials are well known for reliable and constant properties, this allows you to concentrate on performance, and not waste your time on extra quality control.
  • Innovation: We are the experts in extrusion of any kind of thermoplastic materials. And if your solution requires a new material, we can develop and provide you new material solutions.
  • Understanding of machining: Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials also produces machined parts via machining or injection moulding.Our capabilities allowus to develop and produce  the parts you need ready for full functionality.
  • Worldwide presence: Wherever your customers operate or your production is located, a Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials expert is available for support.

Injection Molding

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