Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials offers solutions to reducing the growth of harmful micro-organisms

The growth of health-threatening germs is a critical problem on open surfaces that are often exposed to human contact. Medical applications, pharmaceutical and food processing environments, and the public transportation sector are such typical areas. Materials used in these areas must therefore be resistant to repeated disinfection and sterilization processes according to high safety and hygiene standards, or should have antimicrobial properties to reduce the growth of harmful germs. Our portfolio of Life Science Grades and antimicrobial polymers offers customized solutions that meet these requirements. 


Polymers resistant to Sterilization Methods and Disinfectants

Life Science Grades Portfolio

  • AltronTM LSG PC
  • Duratron® LSG PEI
  • Ketron® LSG PEEK
  • Proteus® LSG H / HS PP
  • SultronTM LSG PPSU

Our portfolio includes thermoplastic materials that withstand the most common sterilization methods and disinfectantsover a long period of time.



Antimicrobial Polymers

TIVAR® 1000 antimicrobial UHMW-PE

PE 500 antimicrobial HMW-PE

  • Ultra & High molecular weight polyethylene
  • Includes biocidal additives acc. to Regulation EU 528/2012
  • Active substance included is silver phosphate glass
  • FDA compliant
  • Available in stock shape geometries as plates and rods
  • Standard colors: natural and blue (other colors on request)



Biocompatibility, Manufacturing Expertise and Certifications

Properties such as weight reduction, resistance to commonly used sterilization methods and design flexibility make our Life Science Grades suitable for use in replacement of stainless steel, titanium, glass, and ceramics applications.

Our LSG portfolio includes plastics which have been tested to ISO 10993 and USP guidelines for biocompatibility testing of materials.
Full traceability
We provide OEMs with assurance of full traceability for its comprehensive LSG product portfolio.
GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
We produce and manufacture according to the guidelines of GMP to minimize or eliminate instances of contamination and errors.
Quality assurance
In line with its ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Assurance System, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials thoroughly monitors and controls the entire manufacturing process of its Life Science Grades.


Sterilization & Disinfectants Resistance

Solutions for Respiration and Ventilator Devices

Examples of Application Fields


  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Medical devices
  • Public Transportation
  • Mobile devices
  • Open surfaces exposed to human contact