Creep No Further: Fluorosint® – Quadrant’s “PTFE with Muscles”


Under extreme pressure and temperatures, some polymers are subject to deformation, commonly referred to as “creep.” Creep comes into play particularly with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). While virgin PFTE has excellent chemical resistance, dielectric strength, the lowest COF of any solid, and a wide temperature range (-450 F to +500 F), it cannot be cross-linked like an elastomer. This means the material has no memory and can experience creep.

To mitigate creep, many material producers began creating filled versions of PTFE. Typical fillers include bronze, glass, molybdenum disulfide, stainless steel, and graphite. While these fillers do improve creep resistance (to some extent), filled PTFE can present other issues—including abrasiveness to mating materials, contamination to clean requirements, and altering the dielectric strength of the base polymer.

Quadrant has developed a solution to creep with our series of Fluorosint® materials. We call this line our “PTFE with Muscles” because it’s used for some of the most demanding and critical applications across numerous industries. We use a proprietary process in which synthetically manufactured mica is chemically linked to the PTFE. This bonding process results a polymer that has excellent dimensional stability and resistance to deformation under load while still maintaining the very low frictional properties that industries have come to expect of a PTFE-based material.

Quadrant’s Fluorosint® family of materials are an ideal way to gain deformation resistance and stability while still maintaining a very slick, low coefficient of friction and wear performance of a PTFE-based material:

  • Fluorosint® 135 – Offering the lowest wear rate and extremely chemically inert. Applications include compressor piston rings, pump and valve wear parts, seals, bearings, thrust washers, rider bands, and packing sets.
  • Fluorosint® 207  – An FDA-compliant version offering excellent creep resistance and a very low coefficient of friction. Applications include seals, mixers, pumps, appliances, bearings, and valve seals.
  • Fluorosint® 500  – Featuring nine times greater resistance to deformation under load than an unfilled PTFE. The high level of mica used in this grade makes it an effective replacement for traditional metal (high pressure) seals and wear parts.
  • Fluorosint® HPV  – An FDA-compliant material optimized for high PV conditions while offering very low “K” wear factor. Ideal for high performance bearings, bushings, and seals where higher loads and minimal wear is required.
  • Fluorosint® MT-01  – Our most extreme grade of material, delivering performance at elevated temperatures for aggressive service components where strength and stability are expected.

When standard blends just aren’t making the cut, look to Quadrant’s Fluorosint® family of “PTFE with Muscles” for a proprietary material that will cut creep while offering an excellent combination of low frictional properties and dimensional stability.