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Innovation makes ideas possible

From high-performance sustainable materials, to rapid prototyping systems, groundbreaking technologies and unique partnerships, we bring new projects to life with an innovative approach to solving complex engineering challenges.

Services & solutions

Our advanced materials, services and solutions help get complex ideas from prototype to production

Rapid prototyping

By allowing for rapid injection molding of functional parts with the right materials, our SPRINT (Soluble Printed Injection Tooling) technology allows us to develop, test and improve functional prototypes in just a few days. Our proprietary software and Robotic Automation Machining (RAM) quickly and efficiently executes change-overs from one part to another on CNC machines, without the need for an operator. This enables faster manufacturing directly from 3D CAD to solid models.

Technology expertise

Our expertise extends from compression and injection molding technologies, to CNC machining and the development of near net shapes from high performance materials. From material to manufacturing testing and final assembly, our components meet the highest quality standards.

High-performance composites

With decades of experience in composites technology, our extensive portfolio offers the widest array of solutions: from materials like pre preg, to stock shapes, thermoplastics and custom-engineered carbon fiber materials. Our high performance composites are also sustainably produced and recyclable.

Design support

Our vertically integrated engineering teams work in partnership with our customers to provide design support, material selection, evalution and production expertise. From design consultations and reverse engineering services to structural analysis and final product testing we get ideas from pitch to product.

Collaborative partnerships

With applications across a number of industries, and the widest range of products on the market, we work together with engineers, OEMs and channel partners to help them find and select the best materials for their projects. Our solutions provide support from prototype to production.

Continuous re-invention and learning is central to our vision

We are committed not only to advancing our industry, but also to enhancing the world. That’s why, while our R&D activities are closely aligned with market requirements, we also invest resources into inspiring new ideas and ways of thinking. By partnering with academics and entrepreneurs, we stay in tune with the latest developments in engineering and materials science.

With unmatched access to development resources, and an intensive focus on specific materials, we have the freedom to choose the best engineering materials for any application. Our deep understanding of industries and collaborative approach to research and development make us true partners in possibility.

Growth Garage Accelerator

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Discover how we’re helping entrepreneurs and innovators get their engineering ideas from pitch to product in just a few months. Using our innovative technologies and advanced engineering materials, our Growth Garage business accelerator is on a mission to support and grow new ideas that can help tackle today’s biggest engineering challenges.

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Breakthrough partnerships

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Meet your next design, prototyping or production challenge using our unmatched carbon fiber-based technology platform.

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Guidelines & Compliance

Fully REACH compliant

As a downstream user and participant in REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemical Substances) legislation, we require all our suppliers to confirm that all substances they produce, buy or import are registered and documented correctly in compliance with current guidelines.

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