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We partner with our customers to help get their ideas to market faster, advancing our industry in ways that also enhance the world.

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Our bespoke technologies and engineering platforms support the development of every project from idea to prototype and onto global manufacturing, helping our customers get their products to market faster.

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The widest range of
advanced materials

With quick access to a comprehensive portfolio of specialist polymer solutions, thermoplastics and composites, our intuitive systems and technologies make finding the right materials easier.

Enhancing the world

A commitment to sustainability

By balancing our commitment to the circular economy with new possibilities in materials recycling, our KAITEKI philosphy allows our customers to deliver on their global sustainability commitments.

Creating partnerships

Global expertise and collaboration

Our network of materials and industry experts across 46 global sites provides proactive support, insights and inspiration to help customers in industries from aeronautics to bio-science make their ideas possible.

From part to partnership

Discover how we’re shifting what’s possible across industries, products, services and innovation.


From R&D of new, advanced materials, to partnering with innovators, and helping grow emerging ideas, our collaborative approach to finding the best solutions to today’s engineering challenges is driving our industry forward.


Based on our KAITEKI philosophy – meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs – our commitment to sustainability goes much further than recycling our materials. We’re helping enhance the world.


Whether it’s rapid prototyping technology, new platforms or supply chain and distribution support, our bespoke services and high-tech systems offer industry-leading solutions.


From high performance injection moldable carbon fibre composites to biocompatible engineering plastics and a variety of recyclable solutions, we offer the widest range of advanced materials.


Our established global partnerships, broad industry knowledge and range of materials expertise enables customers to find solutions that meet industry-specific requirements.

Getting ingenious ideas to market, faster

Our latest collaborations are re-imagining what it means to be an engineering partner while bringing truly ambitious ideas to life.


Reducing costs and emissions through material expertise

 A complex challenge that required a simplified solution

Our experts produced a self-lubricating plastic solution that not only delivered to our customer’s needs, but also resulted in a lighter plane with a lower risk of failure and reduced maintenance requirements. This in turn led to better fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions, which helped create a more sustainable aircraft.

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Wing of a commercial passenger aircraft
Wing of a commercial passenger aircraft

Reducing recalls through more reliable materials

Accelerated market delivery achieved through expertise and testing

We helped our customers develop proprietary wind turbine solutions that helped shorten their testing regimes, reducing costly time to market delays and eliminating unnecessary replacements of faulty parts. In addition, our use of high-performance engineering plastics created significant cost savings both at initial purchase and during use.

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Wind turbines used in renewable energy generation
Wind turbines used in renewable energy generation

Improving food safety through part detectability

We helped our customers re-design their dairy processing food safe scraper blades. Our team not only identified highly detectable, food safe materials that mitigated costly contamination risks, but also helped improve the equipment design processes, increasing customer satisfaction and efficiency.

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Conveyor belt made from food safe thermoplastic in an industrial baking facility
Conveyor belt in an industrial baking facility

Delivering savings and reliability through carbon fiber expertise

Our predictive mapping technologies and rigorous testing processes informed the final re-design of commercial vehicle brackets with carbon fiber composites in place of steel. Our KyronMAX® materials’ unique mechanical properties and new mold filling design created a more sustainable, reliable, lightweight alternative.

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Off-road vehicle in tough environment.
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