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Life Science Grades

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials has a long history of developing, manufacturing, and supplying engineering plastics used in Medical and Life Science applications. We work closely with medical device manufacturers to support them in selecting the best polymer for their biomedical application. 

Our Life Science Grade polymers

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials offers a broad range of proven, medical grade polymers that make up our Life Science Grade (LSG) polymer portfolio. While no formal or industry-wide definition or standard exists for what constitutes a medical grade polymer, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials has developed industry-leading practices for the production and sale of its LSG polymers. These practices help distributors and manufacturers consistently receive quality, medical grade polymers that support their Medical and Life Science application needs.

If you want to learn more about our LSG portfolio please reach out to our team of experts. 

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MediTECH® Implantable Polymers

Implant products made from Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials' biocompatible polymers help millions of patients around the world to maintain or restore a high quality of life. Discover the opportunities of our Longterm Implantation products Zeniva® PEEK and Chirulen®/Extrulen® UHMW-PE.


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