Wearstrips & Profiles

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials offers a  standard range of TIVAR® extruded and machined profiles, chain guide shapes, wearstrips and corner wear bends. Profiles can be supplied in special colours and lengths to meet your specific requirements. In addition to our standard range of more than 65 different profiles, we offer custom designed extruded or machined profiles as well. All TIVAR® materials at Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials are made with state-of-the-art compression moulding and RAM extrusion systems. This ensures unsurpassed economic feasibility.


Unit material handling & industrial equipment; Bulk material handling; Food preparation; Logging, pulp, paper & printing; Surface finishing, semi-conductors & pollution control; Leisure & recreation; Marine; Medical;  Transportation; Water treatment.

Standard Range:

SX2C-Section20 x 350mGreen
SX50C-Section40 x 106mGreen / Black
SX9C-Section Side Rail40 x 86mBlack / Green / White
SX11U-Section6 x 36m/50mWhite
SX41U-Section30 x 36m/50mGreen / Black
SX51U-Section30 x 46m/50mGreen / Black
SX73U-Section41 x 96m/50mGreen
SX21Clip-on L21 x 350mGreen
SX29Clip-on L70 x 56mGreen
SX20Clip-on Z21 x 350mGreen
SX1Z-Section20 x 350mGreen
SX18Z-Section23 x 46m/50mBlack
SX5T-Section40 x 350mGreen
SX17Dropsided T-Section31 x 46m/50mGreen / Black
SX8Dogbone80 x 176mBlack
SX25Mushroom20 x 11.56mGreen
SX69Flat Wearstrip25 x 350mGreen
SX66Flat Wearstrip30 x 350mGreen
SX67Flat Wearstrip30 x 450mGreen
SX68Flat Wearstrip30 x 650mGreen
SX78Flat Wearstrip40 x 350mGreen
SX80Flat Wearstrip40 x 650mGreen
SR5Flat Wearstrip50 x 356mGreen
SR6Flat Wearstrip60 x 356mGreen
SR11Flat Wearstrip50 x 442mGreen
SR18Flat Wearstrip60 x 626mGreen