Superior low-friction and release

VERSIV PTFE-coated fabrics and belts

Even in extreme operating environments, the dimensionally stable VERSIV materials perform. Available to customers in South Africa.

Non-stick solutions & coated fabrics

In demanding operating conditions, you need materials that reliably meet your requirements, withstand the environment, and maintain performance integrity – including essential non-stick properties. With high-performance VERSIV materials, you get exactly that. 

Developed in partnership with Saint-Gobain Composite Solutions, the VERSIV portfolio of non-stick solutions is suitable for a wide range of applications requiring superior release, dimensional stability, and thermal stability. These advanced materials are specifically designed for demanding operating conditions. You can count on them for reliable performance in temperatures as high as 260°C.

Mitsubishi Chemical Group is an exclusive purveyor of VERSIV materials for the South African market. 

VERSIV PROPERTIES Advantages of PTFE-coated fabrics and belts
In non-stick applications, VERSIV PTFE-coated fabrics provide several benefits:

Excellent release properties

Chemical resistance

Temperature resistant from -150°C to 260°C


Dimensionally stable

Reduced maintenance costs

VERSIV materials can help you improve your non-stick application, providing superior release and dimensional stability over a full temperature range – even in rigorous environments.

Food processing

VERSIV™ non-stick solutions are used to make your grilling, baking, frying, freezing, and more, easier and cleaner throughout the food industry. VERSIV™ fabrics comply with FDA Regulations and are USDA approved for food contact applications.

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TIVAR® low friction linings

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Dewatering elements

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