TIVAR® lining materials for bulk material handling

We help you improve efficiency in material flow applications with custom solutions, design expertise, and advanced lining materials.

Mitsubishi Chemical Group is a leading distributor and manufacturer of high-performance engineering plastics in Southern Africa. Our exclusive regional portfolio of TIVAR® and Quickslide low-friction lining products has been specifically developed to improve performance for bulk material handling applications.

Our high-performance lining materials don’t just improve performance. They also simplify your operations with easy installation from transport to storage linings, and help reduce your downtime and, as a result, running costs.

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TIVAR® liners are made from UHMW-PE, a material that offers the lowest coefficient of friction of all thermoplastics outside of PTFE. These lining materials offer you several advantages, including low friction sliding properties and exceptional abrasion and corrosion resistance.

TIVAR® materials are known for their flow-promoting properties, helping you overcome common bulk material handling challenges such as blockages, caking, bridging, freezing, and hang-up of dry or moist materials. 


TIVAR® Grade Description Colour
TIVAR® G12 Plain Light Green
TIVAR® G12 with UV Stabiliser Light Green
TIVAR® G12 with Visi-Liner Light Green on Red
TIVAR® G12 Rubber Backed Light Green on Rubber
TIVAR® 88 Plain Blue
TIVAR® 88 with UV Stabiliser Blue
TIVAR® 88 with Visi-Liner Blue on Red
TIVAR® 88 Rubber Backed Blue on Rubber
TIVAR® 88.2 Weldable Grade Blue
TIVAR® 806 Antistatic Black
Quickslide Plain Grey
Quickslide with UV Stabiliser Grey
Quickslide with Visi-Liner Grey on Red
Quickslide Rubber Backed Grey on Rubber


Specialty lining products High impact-resistant lining materials
We are proud to offer two additional specialized products for the South Africa market. These materials were developed for use in mining, agriculture, construction, and other heavy machinery applications.

TIVAR® Rubber-backed UHMW-PE

TIVAR® grades exhibit excellent impact resistance and can be used in applications with high volumes of heavy impact. Its other attributes include wear resistance and sliding capabilities. In this specialty product, the addition of rubber backing results in better impact absorption and thermal expansion. It also minimizes substrate corrosion, eliminates fasteners, and is easily bonded to a metal substrate with adhesive.

Physical properties:

•    Excellent sliding properties
•    High wear resistance
•    High impact strength
•    Very good chemical and corrosion resistance
•    Good noise absorption
•    Anti-adhesive
•    High energy absorption capacity at high stress rates
•    Temperature resistance from -200°C to +80°C, dependent on load
•    Physiologically safe


Linings for Coal, Mineral Sands, Cement, Mining, Power-Generation, Food & Agriculture Industries:
1. Silos, Chutes, Bins, Bunkers, Hoppers, Trays
2. Dump Trucks/Bodies, Semi-trailers, Haulers & Rail wagons.



TIVAR® VisiLiner UHMW-PE is a unique material optimized for heavy wear and specially developed for bulk material conveying applications. They are engineered to withstand harsh field conditions, protect your equipment, and handle any kind of bulk material, and they can be fitted to any grade of TIVAR®. 

The top layer of TIVAR® VisiLiner UHMW-PE products is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene that provides excellent abrasion resistance. The bottom colored layer appears at the end of the component’s life cycle, indicating to the maintenance crew that the complete liner needs to be replaced to ensure optimized performance and safe operation.

Physical properties: 

•    Excellent abrasion resistance (value: 70-80 in Sand-Slurry hydro-abrasive wear testing pertaining to the exposed layer; internal layer still at 100)
•    Good sliding properties
•    High impact strength
•    Long service life
•    Very good chemical resistance


Linings for Coal, Mineral Sands, Cement, Mining, Power-Generation, Food & Agriculture Industries:
1. Silos, Chutes, Bins, Bunkers, Hoppers, Trays
2. Dump Trucks/Bodies, Semi-trailers, Haulers & Rail wagons.

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