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High-performance, compliant pumps for any application

MCG is the sole agent for WERNERT Pumps in South Africa, providing high-quality and heavy-duty design for your most demanding applications. Our materials and components meet the highest security and quality specifications, including ATEX, while delivering innovative solutions for handling abrasive, aggressive, and toxic media. 

We provide you with the optimal high-performance pumps for your conveyance application, working to exceed your expectations wherever possible with cutting-edge technology. Our range of centrifugal pumps are optimized for superior performance in a variety of applications and extreme operating conditions.

In addition to component design and manufacturing, we foster a collaborative, long-term partnership with you to build the foundations for innovative, compliant solutions for the future.

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As an end-to-end partner, our experienced team collaborates with you on everything from design support and material selection to prototyping and manufacturing. See how our leading portfolio of engineering plastics can help you improve your application – and push industry boundaries.

Versiv™ PTFE-coated fabrics & belts

If your application demands reliable release, high wear resistance, or thermal stability, choose Versiv™ non-stick solutions with PTFE coating. These products meet demanding requirements, and they can also withstand rigorous operating conditions.


TIVAR® low friction linings

For common bulk flow challenges like caking, bridging, rat-holing, and bottlenecking, try our low-friction materials and lining solutions. Our extensive range of TIVAR® liners exhibit exceptional impact & abrasion resistance properties.


Cast nylon products

For materials handling applications, our Nylatron® PA solutions provide you with greater capacities, extended service life, and cleaner discharges. Our cast products are lightweight and mechanically tough, making them ideal for your bearings, sprockets, and other lifting equipment.

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