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Equipment for Heat, Wear & Corrosive Applications

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials is a specialist fluorocarbon processor, chemical equipment supplier, and leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality engineering plastics in South Africa for all heat, wear and corrosive applications.

Our industrial plastics stand up to the most grueling environments.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials offers a full range of of Corrosion Resistant Equipment for the petrochemical, metal finishing + paper & pulp industries.

We have branches in all the major centres throughout South Africa and we specialise in the following:

  • Engineering plastics, products and solutions for heat, wear & corrosive applications;
  • Manufacturing of semi-finished, machinable polymer stock shapes;
  • Component design prototyping and performance valuation;
  • Component fabrication/manufacturing in our CNC technical centre;
  • Design, manufacturing and installation of low-friction lining systems;

Industries/Market Segments that we serve:

  • Bottling & Canning           
  • Chemical (Oil & Gas)           
  • Food
  • Packaging               
  • Mining/Refineries                   
  • Transportation
  • Paper & Pulp

TIVAR® Low Friction Linings

Quadrant Chemplast (Pty) Ltd has developed a number of low friction lining products specifically for bulk material handling applications. Our extensive range of TIVAR® liners exhibit exceptional impact & abrasion resistance properties....


Cast Nylatron® Products

Nylatron® GSM & 6M ELEVATOR BUCKETS are designed for tough long life solutions in industrial applications. These buckets are tough, lightweight and is available in a variety of sizes.


Nylatron® GSM sheaves are corrosion resistant...



Wear strips, sliding supports and guides, as well as curved and straight tracks that are extruded or machined, are used in many industries, including bottling, packaging, mechanics, chemistry, pharmaceutics, ceramics, glass, food...


Wernert Chemical Pumps

Be it aggressive, abrasive, or toxic media – we provide the appropriate CENTRIFUGAL CHEMICAL PUMP from WERNERT PUMPEN GMBH made from non-metalic materials supported by cast steel to ISO 2858 / DIN EN 22858.


CHEMFAB® PTFE Coated Fabrics

CHEMFAB® non-stick solutions are suitable for a wide range of applications that require superior release, dimensional and thermal stability and can withstand the most demanding requirements and rigorous operating conditions.


Precision Machined Components

Plastic machining has grown tremendously over the past two decades replacing traditional materials such as metal, glass and ceramic, due to factors such as cost and wear. WE MACHINE ALL ENGINEERING PLASTICS.


Dewatering Elements

TIVAR® is a thermoplastic material developed for the use in extreme conditions. Due to TIVAR®'s high molecular weight it is extremely wear resistant. It exhibits excellent sliding properties because of its homogeneous and waxy surface....