Sulphuric Acid Systems

Sulphuric Acid equipment are used in the acid circuit of any Sulphuric Acid plant. These include Acid Distributors, Acid Coolers, Acid Piping, Acid Strainers, and Piping Accessories.

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Sulphuric acid manufacture from sulphur burning plants and metallurgical processors.

Acid Distributors

Good acid distribution systems in any tower are extremely important to ensure optimal working of the Sulphuric Acid plant. An acid distributor is at the heart of the drying and absorption tower system with the purpose of distributing acid...

Alloy Acid Piping

In the past decade, acid piping has advanced to metallic alloys as the material of choice. This is due to the inherent advantages of alloy acid piping over conventional materials. Once installed alloy acid piping will usually last the full...

Acid Coolers / Heat Exchangers

Acid coolers are used for the effective transfer of heat from the acid stream to a cooling media. Each cooler is individually designed and optimized for each set of process parameters. Acid coolers are designed in collaboration with Swedish...

Vanadium Catalyst

Tehmetall-2002 manufactures vanadium catalysts for sulfurous gas oxidation. The quality of catalysts is thoroughly tested and has the highest ratings done by consumers as well as leading experts in the catalysis field. It is resistant to...

Mist Elimination

Mist is formed due to the contact of liquid with gas. This occurs in many operational processes in the chemical industry. In order to save downstream equipment, prevent loss of valuable product and avoid potential process or environmental contamination, it is essential to separate liquid particles from the gas stream. The correct recommendation and use of mist eliminator equipment for removal of entrained liquid particles can only be done when the mist formation process and subsequent mist droplet size is understood.

  • Mist eliminators are a simple and effective solution for many separation problems in the chemical process industry.
  • Mist Eliminators separate corrosive products from the gas stream protecting ducts, pipes and downstream equipment from corrosion.
  • Less corrosion requires less maintenance, inspection and shut down. It also allows longer performance cycles before cleaning of mist eliminator is required, reducing downtime.
  • Mist eliminators save valuable products from exiting the plant and being lost. It protects equipment from corrosive liquid droplets enhancing the life of downstream process equipment, resulting in less capital costs for new machinery.
  • It also allows your plant to meet Government regulated exhaust limits.
  • Our advanced mist eliminator designs allow for lower pressure drop requirements compared to conventional mist eliminators, resulting in less energy requirements.
  • Mist eliminators allow plants to run at a higher flow rate by avoiding problems of re-entrainment, where liquid droplets are picked up by high velocity gas streams.
  • Higher flow rates allow for smaller equipment and duct sizes saving space.

Filter Beds / Candle Filters

Fiber bed (candle filter) mist eliminators are used to remove fine particles from a gas stream. Fine particles include sub micron particles (i.e. below 1 micron) and particles between 1 and 3 microns. All fiber bed mist eliminators are...

Aludur® Grid Bars/Blocks

Using NorPro® grid blocks saves material and shipping costs, as well as installation time. Grid bars placed on 8" centers with NorPro® grid blocks also have 15% more free space than a conventional 6" Cross Partition Ringscenter installation...

Aludur® Support Beams

CHEMPLAST® supplies a range of ALUDUR® SUPPORT BEAMS & grid block products manufactured by Saint Gobain. There are two prominent designs of packing supports for strong acid towers: brick arches/ceramic beams & self-supporting domes. Any...