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Machining Finished Plastic Parts

For more than 50 years Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials have been continuously developing and machining new high-performance plastic materials for cutting-edge applications.

Our Technology Centres always put the needs of our customers first. We co-design and machine from a drawing or start from a sample, and offer you a long term, stable and reliable finished component. 

Core machining abilities & technologies

  • Machine the most difficult materials
  • Maintain superior finish and close tolerances
  • Excellence in burr control
  • Stress relieving capabilities
  • Annealing knowledge
  • Post curing techniques and
  • Surface treatments

We are committed to meeting all of the requirements and qualifications of our high-technology customers, including special cleaning, marking, certification and packaging to industry specifications.

Please contact us with your project requirements - we will support you on material selection, provide accurate design recommendations and supply your machined parts or put together complete assemblies - we will provide you the right solution.

  • keyboard_arrow_downCapabilities


    Quality Management

    • All our European Technology Centers are certified according to EN ISO 9001-2000
    • 3D measuring systems ensure exact quality monitoring and control of all dimensions


    • CNC driven machines
    • 3 - 5 axis to produce complex geometries
    • Parts with large volume
    • Parts with large surface
    • Tight tolerances


    • CNC technology
    • Driven tools: combination of turning and milling
    • Large series


    • Plates, strips, rods/tubes

    Our range of capabilities allows us to optimise cost and performance and supply you highly complex and precise parts in-time.

  • keyboard_arrow_downSpecial Technologies


    Clean room

    • We are able to provide clean parts which can directly be supplied in sealed packing.


    • We can deliver parts with engraved article numbers, logos or brand names.

    Assemblies / Bonding / Welding

    • We have the capabilities to deliver assemblies consisting of various plastic or even steel parts, which can be mounted conventionally but also by bonding or welding. Our expertise in these techniques helps you to save cost and grants high quality and safety.

    Special de-burring techniques

    • We have developed special techniques to remove burrs and swarf, even from and inside complex parts. This helps you to avoid failure of components and improves safety.

    Annealing / Hot water treatment (conditioning)

    • We are able to anneal and/or condition our machined parts, which can significantly help to avoid any warpage or dimensional change of components in use. Your benefit: improved quality and safety level.

    Press & Sinter: Fluoropolymer, Compression molding, Ink rollers

    • This process – also called direct forming – can reduce cost considerably, specifically if you need parts with complex geometries and large series. Low tool cost make this technology even more attractive for cost savings.

Machining Toolkit

Let us assist you in choosing the best material and machining techniques for your application.

Click here for our Machinists Toolkit.