Military Brace is Lighter and Stronger, Thanks to KyronMAX®


The Challenge 

Our customer is a military OEM who originally specified aluminum components, due to their light weight, as the foundation for their soldier-mounted device. They quickly learned, however, that while the aluminum components were flexible and light, they did not offer them the strength and structural integrity that they desired. With that in mind, they knew that they needed to pursue a different path but did not know what other possibilities existed. For this reason, our Engineered Solutions team stepped in to give them a material recommendation that maintained the attributes that they liked with aluminum, but offered them many more benefits such as improved practical toughness, reduced weight, and increased corrosion / chemical resistance.


Our Solution

Our Engineered Solutions experts introduced our customer to our KyronMAX® S series of products, and provided a Near Net-Molded Shape (NNS) that met all of their expectations and cost targets. As a result, our customer has already received the following benefits:

  • 40% weight reduction over metal.
  • A complete elimination of galvanic corrosion.
  • Because the application was a direct metal-to-plastic conversion, there was no need to redesign
  • High level of structural integrity, due to unique carbon fiber technology of KyronMAX®. 
  • Increased strength and stiffness, due to the high flexural modulus of KyronMAX® -  4,100,000 psi (28.3 GPa) - and improved tensile strength - 48,700 psi (336 MPa).