Our applications Giving commercial aviation a lift
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Aircraft Interiors

We’re using our efficient and scalable manufacturing technologies to develop FST (Flame, Smoke, Toxicity) compliant high-performance materials and parts that are helping to re-shape the floor panels, seats and side walls of commercial aircraft.


Our heat-resistant, lightweight and corrosion resistant materials are already replacing metal and ceramic components in nacelle applications. In addition, the successful implementation of propellers and battery casings in Space and Automotive vehicles can also be applied to electric propulsion in small aircraft.

Aviation Systems

Our lightweight and corrosion-resistant Thermoplastic materials are already being used in hydraulic actuation around valves, seals and backup rings and to replace metal pipes. While high pressure systems such as fly by wire, HVAC, aeration cooling/heating and fluid management all benefit from advanced materials replacing traditional metal parts.


Our expert teams have been involved in the early development of thermoplastic and thermoset carbon composite technology for structural applications that require high strength impact resistance and prevention of moisture absorption. In addition, within structures where corrosion is a concern, advanced materials can be used to replace metal parts.
Making your success possible Reducing costs and emissions through material expertise

Reducing costs and emissions through material expertise

 A complex challenge that required a simplified solution

Our experts produced a self-lubricating plastic solution that not only delivered to our customer’s needs, but also resulted in a lighter plane with a lower risk of failure and reduced maintenance requirements. This in turn led to better fuel efficiency and reduced CO₂ emissions, which helped create a more sustainable aircraft.

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Wing of a commercial passenger aircraft

Fully compliant materials for Commercial Aviation

Our industry certified products cover a range of applications

Explore our broad portfolio of engineering thermoplastic materials, carbon fiber technologies and composites to find the solution you need or contact our expert team to discuss your requirements.


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Our focus How we’re shaping the future of Aerospace
Military helicopter made with lightweight, chemically-resistant thermoplastic materials


Globally recognised but regionally based, we understand local needs and regulations. Alongside our extensive experience, our specialist lightweight, chemically resistant materials can withstand the high temperatures and corrosive environments often required in Defense applications.
Space satellite made with radiation- and temperature-resistant thermoplastic materials


We’re already breaching new heights with our high-performance materials offering the widest range of temperature compliance (-100 to +100), radiation resistance and low outgassing. With 95% of our carbon fiber technologies PAN certified for strong constructions, the sky’s no longer the limit.
Drone made from lightweight, UV-resistant thermoplastic materials

Urban Air Mobility

Our high-performance materials are already helping make lightweight structures and scalable and efficient drone technology possible.