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Lightweight construction components (LWRT)

SymaLITE, a high-strength composite, has become established as an all-round material for extra-high weight savings combined with outstanding mechanical and physical characteristics. This product group of glass-reinforced thermoplastic mixed-fiber fleeces can be processed inexpensively into three-dimensional moldings by low-pressure pressing. Be it as the sole material for applications such as load compartment floors, headliners, sun roofs and rear window shelves or in combination with GMT/GMTex, SymaLITE facilitates the development of novel lightweight construction strategies.

The SymaLITE applications also extend to undershields. SymaLITE permits the production of an almost continuous corrosion- and wear-resistant undershield which, thanks to the material’s properties, is extremely light, inherently rigid and also acoustically effective. Installed in wheel arch liners or as covers for engines and gearboxes, the superlight composite absorbs noise as it arises.

Designed as a folding load compartment floor with an integrated backrest module, SymaLITE facilitates a high-strength, inherently rigid and at the same time extremely lightweight solution for adjustable storage spaces. A decorative film can be integrated during pressing. This saves a whole production step and avoids the use of adhesives.


SymaLITE applications in Europe

Part Information: Dimension 3.862 m²
                               Thickness 1.5 to4 mm
                               Weight 5.4 kg


  • Noise absorption
  • Protection against dirt and stone impact
  • Acoustic performance


  • Low pressure thermoforming
  • Parts and holes are cut during thermoforming pressing


  • Weight reduction
  • Improved acoustic behaviour
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Fallsafe behaviour due to hight resistance to crack propagation

Part Information: Dimension: 1725 x 1300 mm plus 1725 x 925 mm
                               Thickness: 2 to 7 mm

Functions: Underbody shielding (UBS) and Engine Noise Shield (ENS)

Technologies: One-step-moulding


  • Low tool investment and economical processing
  • very good toughness behaviour
  • very good tensile properties
  • good acoustic absorption
  • ductile failure
  • robust handling

SymaLITE applications in Japan

Part Information:  Size: 1400 mm x 620 mm x 70 mm
                                Thickness: 1.7 to 7mm
                                Weight: 1.13 kg


  • Noise absorption
  • High resistance to crack propagation

Technologies: Low pressure molding


  • Part integration
  • Weight reduction
  • Elimination of noise absorber