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Intelligent lightweight construction cuts costs and weight

For years now, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials has been developing and producing glass-mat-reinforced thermoplastics (GMT) for automobile production and is considered the market leader in this segment. Hardly a car leaves the production line without lightweight components fabricated with the special semi-finished products from the Swiss materials developer. 

Classic GMT materials consist of glass fiber mats manufactured to the company’s own patents, and these are impregnated with polypropylene in a second process step. The result is materials with outstanding impact resistance and optimum crash behavior. Even at low temperatures, GMT ensures high energy absorption before fracture and thereafter positive failure behavior without sharp lines of fracture.

GMT and GMTex reinforced with extra fabric are used for the production of semi-structural and structural components that meet the highest standards of crash safety for the protection of vehicle occupants and other road users. GMTex is even employed in areas conventionally reserved for metals.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials also produces a lightweight composite, a low-weight reinforced thermoplastic (LWRT), by the name of SymaLITE. This material consists of mixed-fiber fleeces of glass and polymer fibers supplied in rolls or boards. The moulder heats the material and produces the three-dimensionally molded component by low-pressure pressing.


Structural Components

The composites GMT and GMTex® developed by QPC make it possible to replace structural and semi-structural vehicle parts ...


Lightweight Components

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Interior Components

The fittings of the vehicle interior include many different components ...


Engineering and Design from QMPS

Innovative hybrid strategies combining plastic and metal ....


The combination of product development, production and assembly from a single source has enabled QCMS to become a supplier to a number of leading, international main suppliers to the automotive industry.

True to its stated business objective of supplying components for critical systems, QCMS focuses on high-precision, injection-moulded parts for safety, electrical, under-the-bonnet and interior applications.



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