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Food Packaging

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials - Engineered Solutions remains an industry leader in providing finished parts and equipment to the food processing and packaging industries. Our engineers will help design parts using FDA approved plastics and plastics that are excellent in repeat sterilization, impact and wear resistance, and broad chemical resistance.

Kyron compounds can be used in contact with all kinds of food at high temperatures and in repeated use applications, with no limit on contact periods. These value-added materials allow OEMs to design parts to be consistently mass-produced without the need for assembly or post-treatment.

From highly wear-resistant bearings and seals, to energy-efficient pumps, components made from Kyron compounds will keep machinery running at peak productivity levels across the full range of food processing activities.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials - Engineered Solutions can also design and install on-site, your guarding systems and conveyor covers. Our fabrication department can weld, form, and bend, both plastics and metals, to meet all of your safety requirements. Close tolerance plastic and metal machined parts are efficiently produced in our machining department. Our design engineers can analyze your systems and upgrade OEM rollers and guides, as appropriate, to better wear materials. As a stocking plastics distributor we can offer competitive pricing and extremely quick project turnaround.