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Thermoplastic Composites From Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials

With over 80 years of experience in composites technology, our extensive portfolio ensures that our customers have the widest array of solutions to choose from, regardless of their application or challenges. We are committed to rapidly expanding our range of thermoplastic composites, in order to address the growing needs and demands of our customers who are looking for increased mechanical properties, improved functional performance levels, and lighter weight alternatives.

From materials like prepreg, to stock shapes, and custom engineered products, we will be with you every step of the way. As a key player and owner across the entire composites value stream, what differentiates us is our ability to walk with you from day one, all the way until the final product is delivered and successfully integrated.

Composites Made Simple

So, what is a composite, anyway? In short, composites are created by taking two or more materials with different physical and/or chemical properties that, when combined, results in a new material that possesses performance attributes that cannot be obtained otherwise. Today, many composites are engineered using carbon fiber, combined with a polymer resin, to create high performance structural parts that are lighter and stronger than metal.

At Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials, we’ve manipulated compositions to achieve specific performance attributes and balance complex materials and processes for decades. Thermoplastic composites are at the core of our extensive portfolio, which is why we are the most trusted name in composite technologies.

Composites Support Our KAITEKI Mission

People - Health and happiness – equipment and testing, personalized medicine, robotics and rehab.

Society – Industry – mass transit, logistics, construction and infrastructure, energy.

Earth – Circular economy, recyclable material streams, and alternative energy.

Realizing KAITEKI

Key Benefits of Our Composites