MC Nylon

MC703HL (sliding grade)


  1. Prevention of stick-slip
  2. Low coefficient of friction
  3. Abrasion resistance


  • Various parts such as transfer machines
  • Guide rail, slide pad, bearing


Based on MC901, a special lubricant has been added to further improve sliding performance and wear resistance.

Wear characteristics

The figure on the right shows an example of data that captures wear characteristics. The amount of wear is about 85% lower than MC901.

  1. Do not use MC703HL for fat or food related applications.
  2. n order to comply with the Food Sanitation Law, use it after immersing in boiling water for 2.0 hours. 
    MC703HL may drop off the filler after immersion.


Nylon absorbs water and increases its dimensions. 
When storing MC nylon processed products for a long period of time, be careful of dimensional changes due to water absorption.