MC Nylon

MC501CD R6 (antistatic grade)


  1. Low resistance (volume resistivity 10 4 to 10 6 Ω · m)
  2. Uniformed performance
  3. Stable Resistance


  • Electronic parts manufacturing / conveying machines, machine parts used in clean rooms
  • Electronic parts pallet, handling jig, roller
  • Electronic component aging test jig
  • Solvent handling parts


Based on MC901, we added a carbon-based filler to add antistatic properties. It can also be used for applications that require prevention of static electricity accumulation.


  1. Do not use MC501CD R6 as electrical parts such as heating elements, contacts and terminals.
  2. In order to comply with the Food Sanitation Law, use after soaking in boiling water for 2 hours.
  3. Nylon absorbs water and increases its dimensions. When storing MC nylon processed products for a long period of time, be careful of dimensional changes due to water absorption.