MC Nylon

MC500AS R11 (noncarbon antistatic grade)


  1. Antistatic
    The half-life of the antistatic electricity decay measurement (conforming to JIS L 1094) is 2 seconds or less. 
    The volume resistivity is 10 8 to 10 10 Ω · m.
  2. Prevention of particle generation 
    Since it is non-carbon, there is no generation of particles due to carbon falling off.
  3. The stability of the volume resistivity value is high 
    The effect of resistance value development does not decrease with time.


  • Electronic parts manufacturing / conveying machines, machine parts used in clean rooms
  • Electronic component pallet, handling jig, electronic component transport roller


Based on MC nylon, antistatic performance is added without adding carbon.


  1. Do not use MC500AS R11 for applications that require compliance with the Food Sanitation Act.
  2. Do not use MC500AS R11 as electrical parts such as heating elements, contacts and terminals.
  3. Nylon absorbs water and increases its dimensions. When storing MC nylon processed products for a long period of time, be careful of dimensional changes due to water absorption.