Polypenco® Toughrod

Polypenco® Toughrod

Metal core fusioned MC nylon rod


  1. Combines the goodness of MC nylon and metal
  2. The metal core material can be selected according to the application
  3. Available in custom size


  • Wheel, roller, gear

PolyPenco® Tough Rod® is a round bar made of MC nylon® and steel material fixed by a unique high-frequency fusion method.
The core part can make use of the features of steel for keyway processing, bearing assembly, etc., and the outer peripheral part can make use of the self-lubricating and wear resistance of MC nylon for gears, rollers, etc.


ItemOutside materialMetal coreFeatures
MC9-FC rodMC901FC250Superior in machinability
MC9-SC rodMC901S25CSuperior in durability
MC9-SUS rodMC901SUS303Superior in anti rust

Please contact us for custom-made materials that are not specified above and custom-made machining such as rollers and gears.


  1. Use carbide for machining tools.
  2. Use sufficient cutting oil to cool the machining area.
  3. When drilling a shaft hole, use the minimum diameter required to insert a boring tool, and use a boring tool to increase the shaft hole diameter thereafter.
  4. When cutting MC9-SUS rods, lower the conditions so as not to generate heat as much as possible. Especially when drilling, the cutting speed should be 5 m / min or less.
  5. When drilling a shaft hole, repeat the drill and remove the waste frequently.
  6. Make sure that the heated waste discharged from the mandrel does not touch the MC nylon. Be especially careful when the MC nylon part is finished.
  7. MC Nylon® has water absorption and increases dimensions, so be careful when designing and storing.