Ertacetal® / Acetron®

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials offers both homopolymer and copolymer grades of Ertacetal including an enhanced bearing grade material.

Product Overview

  • High mechanical strength, stiffness and hardness
  • Excellent resilience
  • Good creep resistance
  • High impact strength, even at low temperatures
  • Very good dimensional stability (low water absorption)
  • Good sliding properties and wear resistance
  • Excellent machinability
  • Good electrical insulating and dielectric properties
  • Physiologically inert (most grades are suitable for food contact)
  • Not self-extinguishing

Ertacetal® C

Ertacetal C (POM-C) is Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials's copolymer acetal grade. Next to the standard natural grade, there is also a series of special colors available all showing a FDA food contact compliant composition. The acetal copolymer is more resistant to hydrolysis, strong alkalis and thermal-oxidative degradation than the acetal homopolymer.

Ertacetal C natural, blue 50 and black 90 are available in various shapes as "Food Grades".

  • keyboard_arrow_downTypical Applications

    • Gear wheels with small modulus
    • Cams
    • Heavily loaded bearings and rollers
    • Bearings and gears with small clearances
    • Valve seats
    • Snapfit assemblies
    • Dimensionally stable precision parts
    • Electrically insulating components

Ertacetal® H-TF

 Ertacetal H-TF (POM-H + PTFE) is a Delrin® AF Blend, a combination of PTFE fibers evenly dispersed in a Delrin acetal resin. Much of the strength that is inherent in Ertacetal H is retained. Some properties change due to the addition of PTFE fiber which is softer, less stiff and more slippery than virgin acetal resin. Compared to Ertacetal C and H, this material offers superior sliding properties. Bearings made of Ertacetal H-TF show low friction, long wear and are essentially free of stick-slip behaviour.

Acetron® MD

Product Details

This copolymer acetal grade, containing a metal detectable additive, has been specifically tailored for use in the food processing and packaging industries where it can easily be traced by the conventional metal detection systems installed to detect contamination of the foodstuffs (results may vary depending on the sensitivity of the metal detection system used). Acetron MD presents good mechanical strength, stiffness and impact strength, and it also features a food contact compliant composition.

Ertacetal® H

Ertacetal H (POM-H) is Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials's homopolymer acetal grade. It offers a higher mechanical strength, stiffness, hardness and creep resistance as well as a lower thermal expansion rate and often also a better wear resistance than the acetal copolymer.

Ertacetal® C ELS is Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials's copolymer conductive acetal grade. This grade is specifically developed for the use in applications where the characteristics of POM C are required, but with the added benefit of good electrical conductivity, such as in electrical applications and explosion sensitive areas; for ATEX cases, the conductivity shall be <109 Ohm (surface resistivity measurement).

Ertacetal® C LQ

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials has developed this specific laser-writable Ertacetal® product since the standard POM-C natural grade does not show markings with common laser technologies (e.g. IR-YAG, UV-YAG).
Instead, the surface of standard POM-C just experiences burning but no visible dark marking.

The new product shows identical physical properties and machinability as Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials’s standard Ertacetal® C natural [POM-C] product and is available in a bright-white, less transparent colour.
Ertacetal® C LQ POM-C is processed by extrusion technology. 

It is available in the form of plates in dimension of 10 – 60 x 610 x 3000 mm.

Stock items are available in the form of sheets in 20 and 25 mm thickness.

Product Data Sheet

In general, acetals do not perform as well in abrasive wear applications as nylons. Compensation for moisture related growth generally allows Nylatron® nylons to be used for wet, abrasive applications. If your application requires dimensional consistency in an abrasive, high humidity or submerged environment, Ertalyte® PET-P will often offer improved performance.