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Semiconductor & Electronics

The production of an IC chip requires highly specialized equipment that operates under a variety of challenging environments such as:        

  • Plasma under vaccuum
  • Elevated  temperature
  • Contact with highly abrasive solutiuons
  • Exposure to a variety of very aggressive chemicals

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials has developed materials that meet the strictest requirements for low contamination consistent wafer manuafacturing, yet with a focus on delivering low cost solutions vs traditional materials such as quartz and ceramics.  The products of Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials are designed to be used throughout the wafer production process.

Your Advantages

  • Copy exact materials available anywhere on the globe
  • Extensive material selection, engineering support and testing capabilities
  • Machining capability to support quick turn NPI application development
  • The most extensive portfolio of materials specifically designed for use in Wet Process Tools
  • The global leader in manufacturing the materials used for CMP ring applications including Techtron® PPS, the global standard for CMP applications
  • Materials designed to deliver cost and performance for Dry Process Tools such as Etch, CVD and Ion Implant

Products & Applications

  • CMP rings
  • Etch and CVD chamber applications
  • Wafer handling applications
  • Wet Process structural applications
  • Wet Process components     
  • Linings of storage containers for HP chemicals and water                                  

Injection Molding

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Back End Testing

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials EPP offers materials that can be specifically selected to meet the unique needs of any socket application.

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