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Material Selection, Design and Fabrication Support for Food Grade Parts

We’re committed to helping food processing equipment manufacturers select the right food safe plastics to meet all engineering requirements and compliance needs. Whether your application entails special cleaning, marking, certification or packaging considerations, we can support you in material selection, provide accurate hygienic design recommendations, and deliver expertly machined food safe parts or assemble complete systems.

How we can help:

  • Co-design and machine: whether it’s from a drawing or sample, we can work with you to provide long-term material solutions for your applications.
  • Collaboration: we work together with food processing equipment manufacturers to co-design stable and reliable finished components.
  • Finished parts: starting from a drawing or sample, we machine finished parts such as food grade tubing, sheeting, conveyor belting, bearings, gaskets, washers, and more.


Download our Food Grade Material Selection & Fabrication Resources

Access to Product Data Sheets

Material Selection Guide

Design & Fabrication Handbook