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Advanced Food Safe Plastics for Food & Beverage Manufacturing Equipment

Explore the world’s broadest portfolio of plastics approved for food contact

In recent years, newly developed high-performance engineering plastics have helped to drive considerable improvements to manufacturing efficiency and product quality within the food industry. Food safe thermoplastics play a crucial role in modern food production systems, enabling essential steps along the production line, from intake to handling to storing to packing.

Food Compliant Materials

Plastics approved for food contact differ by region and application. Learn how we can help you ensure compliance.


3-Way Detectable Polymers

Prevent food contamination with our portfolio of 3-way detectable materials (visual [blue color], metal, X-ray). 


Design & Fabrication Support

We support you in selecting the right high-performance material, to design your most individual food safe machine component.


Application Expertise and Innovative Material Solutions, including Metal Detectable and Blue Plastics

Engineering Plastics for Food Contact Applications

From food safe PE to high-performance PEEK, we have a food grade polymers for most any application, among these you find specialties like 3-way detectable plastics and globally food approved materials. Our teams are constantly working to develop innovative thermoplastic solutions for challenging applications in hygienic equipment used for industrial food processing and packaging.

Selecting the Right Compliant Material

Material compliance in the food industry is a crucial and complex topic. Our applications development experts are trained to help food processing equipment manufacturers navigate through food safety regulations and select the right food grade material for their application. We consider everything from the type of food product, to the duration of contact, to the temperature of the processing facilities.


Need help to find your individual Food Safe Material Solution?

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Regulatory Requirements in Food Processing Industry

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Product News

Discover the second blue material in our Food Grade portfolio, that is compliant in both NA and EU.

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Acetron® Food Grade
Blue 50 POM-C

Product Data Sheets

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